Sunday, January 27, 2013

Birthday Happenings!

My husband is the most romantic man you will ever meet!  My 24th birthday is on the horizon and he planned a celebration weekend that rocked my world and woo'ed my heart!

Saturday we checked into the Curtis Hotel-- a fun, unique hotel filled with cartoons and whimsical retro decorations.  They greeted us with warm cookies, a birthday package in the room and made the stay so sweet.  It was a perfect weekend filled with surprises and thoughtfulness that blessed me and made my birthday so memorable!

The front desk decorated with flowers, hoola-hoops and robots! 

They lobby was filled with vintage candy and  they even sent up a generous birthday present topped with a bouquet with balloons!

My sweet birthday treat from the hotel-lots of candy, a card, and a few other treats

A great start already to our weekend together!

Then my stud of a husband pulled out this jewelry box!

Inside was a beautiful David Yurman ring that matches my wedding ring.  It's a classic, roped band that will be perfect for nursing.  I LOVE it!

A close up.  It's so unique and gorgeous

Every floor at the Curtis has a theme.  One is the "dance floor" another is the "chick flick floor".  We were on the "dun-dun-dun" floor which is the horror movie floor.  Scary!  Here is Ryan impersonating that freaky dude from The Shining

Later that evening we feasted at the Cheesecake Factory!

Then we walked down to the Tattered Cover Bookstore (my favorite) to browse and relax for a bit.

It was the most special weekend.  Ryan really thought about what would bless me and went to every effort and beyond to make it special.  I am a blessed 24 year old and especially grateful for my husband's love and sweet heart!  Birthdays rock!

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