Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013: The Year of Uncomforming

Here's the truth.  You and I have a hecka lotta crap we don't need.  Amen.

The one area of excess that I can't seem to shake is my closet.  I want to blame "just being a chick" on all my clothes and and scarves and pants.  But I won't.

So I'll get specific and lay down a simple goal for 2013:  Reuse, reinvent, and practice gratitude for ALL the gifts I have been generously given.

Simply put:  refrain from buying more unneeded junk.

This is specifically directed at my closet for simplicity's sake

It seems to me that the more I value exorbitance from the world, the less I desire Jesus.  The more I care about having a full closet, the less I care about the expense of those who labored to make it possible.  And the more I value "new and excess", the more cluttered and disturbed I become by my wandering heart.

I am thrilled at the new prospect of 2013 because it means untrodden territory, freshness, and an uncompromisable ability for habits anew!  Perfect for this goal and experiment of sorts.

Let me make a terrible confession to you.  To date I own:

11 pairs of shoes
73 tops
20 bottoms
19 dresses
12 scarves
5 belts
10 jackets/coats
Infinite socks, underwear

Excuse while I go gag over all 150+ items of clothing items I own.

How did I come to this?!  I have met kids with 2 outfits and a pair of sneakers.  Nothing else.  NOTHING.


When I get down to the nitty gritty I really think my lone goal is to slam this verse into my life without shamed or hesitation: 
Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world. 
James 1:27

Now what does my full closet have to do with this verse?  Well it has to do with not adding a single item to my already embarrassingly huge closet collection this year, buying responsibly from justice-minded companies, and living faith as Jesus did; prioritizing and loving the least of these.

In essence I will give away money budgeted for clothes, release my time to where Jesus calls, and  FINALLY break out of the violent consumerism cycle and give the Lord more.

I unapologetically invite you to join me.  PLEASE!!  No new clothes in 2013.  Not one.  Embrace this year with gratitude and more of Christ's way of life.  But beyond that lets long deeply for a changed heart and a shifted focus of soul.
I can't wait.  I already suck at this challenge and have eyed cute outfits on Pinterest and keep wanting to wander into Target for the sale racks.  Gah!!  I'm sure I'll see a whole lot of ugly in my heart and get to relish in the Lord doing a whole lot of beautiful.

I'm ready.  

Updates (rants, confessions, happenings) to come...

My Journey to 2000 Gifts
1001.  Sliver of moon through the curtain
1002.  Waking up in the middle of the night and being discombobulated
1003.  Husband dropping off a breaskfast burrito
1004.  Traditional REI coffee dates with Hannah
1005. Letting go of old habits
1006.  Comfort of slippers on cold feet when waking up
1007.  Chilly walks in Denver with Harpo
1008.  Falling forward into the next thing God has us
1009.  Joining a bowling league!
1010.  Bible Study, Bible, Book packed for a coffee shop
1011.  Achieving the impossible-giving up caffeine!  And I feel awesome.        


  1. Easier said than done! I have never been one to own a lot of clothes. I think before I got pregnant I was down to two pairs of pants, a couple skirts, two dresses, and maybe 30 tops for all seasons. Right now I have even less because I'm pregnant. And once this baby is born, I will have to buy more clothes so I have some that actually fit!

    1. Whoa Stacey that is amazing! I am inspired by you :) Buy those items without shame-you need to wear clothes! No judgement here when people need clothes that fit.

      The other thing I get excited about is 2nd hand stores or justice minded companies. We do a lot of thrift store hunting or buy from places like REI, Patagonia, Merrell, Keen, Gap, or Shabby Apple. They all value their employees domestically and internationally and work with a social conscience (ie: no child labor, sweat shops, fair wages, etc)

      Where do you shop Stacey?

    2. We live in a small town with only a few options. Might be why I have so few clothes, lol! I don't shop often, so I can't really pin point my " usual" places. Pretty much all of my maternity clothes are second hand. This was a surprise baby and I had already given away all of the clothes I had!

  2. Hi Carly--
    I love your blog...been reading it for a while now. I love this challenge, but clothes aren't my problem, fabric and crafty things are. I have a full room of crafty things, but often think I need more. AHH! Although I do more often than not get a lot of my fabric at the second hand'd be amazed at the selection...I've also decided not to shop for more crafty things until at least June. Why? Cause like you said I got a lotta stuff and that distracts us from what is truly important!

    1. Oooh Sarah I LOVE this! OK yes, let's hold each other accountable for NOT buying more stuff.

      Obviously some day I will need clothes and you will need supplies but I love a season of holding back and letting God do work in a season of "less".

  3. Carly Decker this is why I love you! God has been prompting me to do the very same! I think 2013 will be a year of honoring Jesus with our closets :)

    1. Angi are you serious?! I can't wait to hear about it Saturday morning. I am so excited!

  4. Carly Decker this is why I love you! God has been prompting me to do the very same! I think 2013 will be a year of honoring Jesus with our closets :)

  5. I was just saying today that my closets just keep getting fuller and fuller. And it takes so much time to keep them clean and organized. And, I've lived so happily in small trailer houses and apartments. I know I don't need all this stuff. I think your words are a confirmation. Thanks!

    1. Amen I'm glad the Lord used this post! So excited for you Gail!



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