Sunday, December 2, 2012

What's Up On Sunday

These pictures are actually how we spent our Friday.  Not Sunday. I feel freer with that confession...more free?  ...freed?


Friday we went to Denver to walk Harpo along the river that runs through the city and to have a morning out.  It was was that kind of weather that kept grabbing our attention to say, "It is gorgeous!  The sun is amazing.  It's so nice!"  You know that kind.  A real gift.

More random news:  Today I am at my 2nd clinical round at a nearby hospital.  One lucky persevering CNA gets to have me bugging them all day with questions but I'm sure they'll put me to work.  It feels very nurse-like to have on my scrubs and carry around my stethoscope ha!  Being allowed to see this new calling into healthcare come to fruition is thrilling and still so breathtaking to see how fast He changes our paths; always in the wisest, wildest way possible.

Then tonight we are going to the 5 pm service at church-never been but expecting it to be powerful and legit as usual!  We are going with our sweet new friend, Patrick, from Ghana.  Ryan randomly met him off Craigslist (not as sketchy as it sounds) when he was going to buy our iPod speaker system.  We ended up chatting with him for an hour the other night and it turns out he loves Jesus!  Score!  Plus he's real cool and so we will adventure to church together.

This news will bless  you to hear: Ryan worked 20 HOURS this week!!  I don't think I've stopped telling him proud I am of him.  Seriously he is just so determined and has such a work ethic.  Beyond impressed with who he is and what he is capable of.

I had to share this picture I snapped on NOVEMBER 30th.  Is it crazy that we still have such vibrant, pulchritudinous (learning new words around here) colors hanging around Colorado still??  Just in awe over those gold leaves and cranberry stem.

P.S.  Does it halt anyone else's day to think about the seasons?  And the changing leaves?  I mean, the Lord didn't have to invent things to work that way.  Everything could be green in summer and then just turn plain old brown and drop off until spring.  But we get to experience and take in golds, reds, oranges, purples even!

And even the winter we get see and enjoy different shades of browns around us: chocolate, wheat, hazel, coffee, cinnamon....hmmm I'm hungry now.  Anyway, just some ramblings.  Enjoy what's created around you today! 

Happy Sunday!

Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account.

Hebrews 4:13


  1. Yea for a working Ryan! And yea for a working Carly too!

  2. There awesome he worked for 20 he's! What an incredible journey you guys have been on



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