Saturday, December 29, 2012

Up to 876

I better hurry up and get these gifts recorded!  Remember my 2012 goal was to record 1000+ gifts inspired by this book?  I'm almost there and it has been one of the greatest parts of my walk with the Lord.  In a year that it seems difficult to say "thank you"...I have learned that phrase is all that should pass through my lips.  

Jesus rocks our lives in every way.

 Plus stay tuned for my 2013 goal.  It involves no money, a crazy dare, your closet, and realizing our abundance.  Can't wait to share!

Happy early New Year you crazy kids!
My Journey to 1000 Gifts
836.  Strawberry jam piled high on buttered toast
837.  Trips to the thrift store with donations galore
838.  Receiving
839.  Big mugs of hot chocolate and watching Lord of the Rings
840.  New neighbors
841.  Harpo's hidden head needing a nap
 842.  Realizing how generously blessed we've been with insurance and bills in 2012
843.  Giving
844.  Ryan's week off of work
845.  Chinns Lake and our someday hike there
846.  Girl's night out at Beatrice & Woodsley
847.  Winter flowers and beauty
 848.  This handsome face...
 849.  How Ryan wears his new coat to eat dinner, watch movies, clean up...he is silly
850.  Sleepy mornings
851.  Walks so cold my ears ache
852.  Meeting neighbors and getting to know people more
853.  Boiling and bubbling of a crockpot meal
854.  A clean house and space to call home
855.  Processing if we have wronged someone
856.  Piles of white, fluffy snow
857.  Sweet compliments from husband
858.  Affirmation of spiritual gifts
859.  The beauty of the Thunell wedding
860.  Seeing old friends, making new ones
861.  New coffee cups-look at those colors!
862.  A bedroom retreat
863.  Getting to see my husband work and create
864.  Naming our future chickens (all breakfast meat names)
865. Beth Moore's amazing writing to feed my soul
866.  Clean, soft jacket to bundle up in
867.  A God who is not prideful
868.  Calamity pushing us go Him-though he is often chosen last
869.  Matinee movies with the Andersons  
870. Orchid plant trying its hardest to rebloom
871.  Deep snow prints
 872.  Homemade biscuits
873.  Harpo's 3rd birthday and his birthday head cone
         874.  A good communicating husband
875.  Fully bellies
876.  Friendships that sharpen 

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