Friday, December 14, 2012

Missional Women Launch!

I am all up in a hullaballo about a very sensational happening today!

Missional Women, a brand new site helping women to live on purpose for the glory of God, is launching to day!  You just have to take a few minutes and peek around the website.  Or brew a big cup of coffee and browse for a bit, reading and refreshing.

And I feel exceptionally thrilled because I was asked to be one of 20+ contributing writers on the site (shameless plug) and it's an honor to have a role.  Read my first article here on health and suffering.

Missional Women is a resource full of articles and topics from fashion to devotionals, health to missions, marriage to politics.  Plus far more; you'll just have to check it out yourself.  And all these topics purposely collide with beholding God's glory through each.  It's just so neat!  


Jesus is so creative and radically wild to create this.  I have to brag on Laura too, the founding host, for relying on the Spirit and taking such a leap of faith.  The woman is a powerhouse for Jesus.

Actually, speaking of cool things: hop on over to Missional Women for the launch GIVEAWAY to win a huge stack of Jesus-focused, relevant books.  This is a legit bundle of reads, man!

You could win these!

Let me know if you get to stop by or leave a comment of encouragement on an article :) I pray the site, authors, articles, and mission are a blessing to your life and walk!


  1. Woo! Isn't it exciting? Grateful to work with you Mrs. Decker!

  2. Woo! Isn't it exciting? Grateful to work with you Mrs. Decker!



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