Monday, December 10, 2012

How Harpo Woos

Give me a treat.  I take my steak medium rare.  NO?!?

 I'll smile for it.  *cheese*

You no like?  BIGGER then!

  No more smiles.  Steak.  mouth.  now.  *AHHHH......*

Harpo is really dumb.  And really cute when he "smiles" :)

...Yet I will rejoice in the LORD, I will be joyful in God my Savior.

Habbakuk 3:18 

My Journey to 1000 Gifts
759.  Sugar donuts
760.  Picking out our favorite cereals for a late night snack
761.  Finishing classes-sweet relief!
762.  Manager's specials (aka discount) at the grocery store
763.  His desire to be sought
764.  Advent
765.  Ryan meeting me for lunch (with latte in hand!) during clinicals
766.  The gracious, attentive people at The Cancer Center and getting to work a shift there
767.  Ugly beautiful of Harpo's endless white fur covering our floors
768.  The bright fresh white of paint
769.  Bright Copper Kettle scented candle
770.  Empty highways at 6:00 am
771.  Seeing clouds begin to appear at sunrise
772.  The loneliness ache being relieved for patients when families call or come to visit
773.  Chemo-though poison, it saves one woman's life
774.  Rubber gloves and face masks
775.  Waiting patiently for snow this winter
776.  Finding stocking stuffers
777.  Warm husband hugs
778.  Groupon for Ice Castles in Steam Bost
779.  Bells ringing
780.  Mines Alumni night + yummy treats
781.  Healing Water's Christmas event!   Botanic Garden lights and dinner together
782.  This tangible, meaningful gift
783. A fresh batch of these to welcome Ryan home from work 
784.  Date nights
785.  Orchid green, waiting to bloom in our kitchen
786.  Blue painter's tape that says "almost!"
787.  Hearing from the owner of Welcoming Walls
788.  The ugly beautiful task of putting away dishes-we had food to fill those plates, technology to wash them   
789.  Moleskin notepads to fill with lists, plans
790.  Bright dancing flame out of a candle
791.  Growth in someone we love-beautiful, mature growth
792.   Dress fittings to make bridesmaid attire fit just right
793.  A day of errands-such acconplishment
794.  Pandora's Christmas station
795.  Inspire, Ryan's support group, and the encouraging voices spurring him on
796.  The ministry we've been given here 
797.  Laura's example of Holy Spirit living
798.  Hikes in the winter crispness
799.  Big sticks of butter
800.  That the Lord did not create a boring world, there is always something happening  

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  1. not an anima fan...but he is cute! Shhh don't tell anyone I said that! I have an "anti-animal" reputation to uphold! LOL



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