Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Treats, RFF and More!

Hospitals visits aren't all that rare anymore-for a baby, a surgery, or a midnight will happen.  On behalf of all hospital-goers, gain our perspective on Blessing Someone In A Hopsital over at Reaching For Fringe.  The ministry is worthy but the game plan needs a little adjusting.

I have told you this before.  My husband wants to be best friends with everyone he meets.  The postal worker, our checkout guy at the grocery store, and especially the neighbors.  It's his biggest dream (reach for the stars husband!) to know everyone by name and that we all invite each other over for BBQ's and birthday parties.
Our street unfortunately is more the...uh, "loner-ish"...crowd, much to Ryan's dismay.  But to aid his hopes and boost his heart we delivered Christmas treats yesterday to our surrounding neighbors.  We put together plates full of fudge, snowballs, and lemon pound cake, topped with a festive card.  

Ryan's extroverted soul was soaring!  This is our 2nd year delivering goodies and we plan to keep knocking at their doors with sugar overloaded plates until they finally give in and become our friends.  Ha!

 P.S.  Does this man look like a dang stud or what??  Monday morning looking so strappingly handsome and ready for the office!

That should do it! What's going on with you??  Before you head out here are just a few other shots from around our lives and days...
Big warm mug full of tea

Long walks and getting Ryan stronger

Oh and this is serving as our master bedroom re-do inspiration!  I want it to be a retreat and place of rest.  So with a mix of reusing what we have and investing a bit at Ikea, it will come together .  Pictures to come!

My Journey to 1000 Gifts
836.  Smiles when they receive plates of sweets
837.  Buttermilk pancakes before work
838.  Forgoing a clean house to spending time with my husband
839.  Listening to the howl of the wind
840.  Contributing to Missional Women-the honor to do so!
841.  Cozy cheer of a lit up Christmas tree
842.  Glamorous dresses for weddings
843.  Ryan's strength to re-texture our bedroom wall
844.  Hikes with sweet friends
845.  Homemade turkey meatballs
846.  Barns
847.  Dusting of snow
848.  Whistle of the tea kettle
849.  Holy Spirit filled living
850.   Goals of minimizing
851.  Lotion to soothe dry hands
852.  Quiet Christmas hymns at a new coffee shop
853.  Coffee dates with two of my favorite ladies
854.  Giving away a peppermint candle
855.  3 layers of quilts to hold in the warmth
856.  A Costco surprise from the Andersons
857.  Breakfast burritos 
858.  Stacks of books
859.  Wondering about the ministry of Jesus 


  1. Ryan does look very healthy! I love the christmas treat idea..i m preparing today to do that for my neighbours as well. Last year was my first time too! I could tell my neighbours were a bit taken who really does these things anymore right?

  2. Unfair Ryan gets to wear jeans to work!!!!



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