Friday, December 21, 2012

A Christmas Sleigh Ride

Have you heard of the 5 Love Languages?  It's an insightful tool to help you understand yourself and spouse more clearly-I know I'm grateful for it!

We learned about 2 years ago that when it come to Christmas giving to one another, I am a Quality Time person and Ryan is a Gifts person.  That means he receives a lot of love when I think of a thoughtful gift for him and I receive a lot of love when we do an activity together.

So this year, in light of this new and very helpful information, my amazing husband planned a romantic Christmas Sleigh Ride as my Christmas gift!!  It was one of the best activity/gifts I have ever received.

Our sleigh and horse team!  The horses were so sweet but strong and the wranglers let them stop for frequent breaks up the mountain.  It was freezing out-can you see the drowsy snowflakes??

We drove to Breckenridge in the snowy mountains for a horse drawn sleigh ride complete with fluffy blankets, hot cocoa, dinner in a yurt, and falling snow.

Here we are warming up in the yurt.  Way up the mountain we stopped for a delicious dinner, more hot cocoa, dessert, and a guitarist who provided us with music all evening.

Just another shot of the sleighs.  They are Amish made and so picturesque with the red paint and dark runners.  

Have you ever been on a memorable Christmas activity-what was it?  And do you know your love language??  Do share!
This was such a sweet, memory-making event and I really valued the undivided time we spent together this evening.  We would without a doubt go back!

Merry Early Christmas!


  1. That was so thoughtful of hubby! What a wonderful way to spend your evening! I have read that book and my love language is words of affirmation, hubby's is acts of service! That booked really helped me alot!

  2. Oh, Carly! It looks lovely. I'm totally a quality time person too. So glad we got to spend a little time with you guys earlier this week. Hope everything went well with your sister's wedding!

    1. It was so wonderful Lauren! It's fun to get to know you more and know your love language!



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