Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 In Pictures

2012 was not dull, it was not easy, it was not simple.  It was often rocky, terrifying, excruciating, and painful.  The last 365 days were ones we never in our lives could have predicted; a complete shock to our system.  But 2012 was not bad or wasted-that distinction must be noted.

We are not sad to see it go, but we will never be the same without living this year, in all it's astonishing, memorable, knee-bowing uniqueness.

Our main highlight: celebrating 2 years of marriage and praising the Lord for His faithfulness!

We went on walks when Ryan was strong and healthy, and stayed home to rest when he was not.  It was spring when he began to get sick, so very sick.

Then there were surgeries and doctors, needles and tests, drugs and endless question.  Seven surgeries total.  Almost a month of hospital stays and infinite doctor's appointments.  Crohn's Disease was written into our story forever.

 From March to August Ryan was in an untreated Crohn's flare-it aches my soul to say we didn't know what was happening for months.  That he suffered for so long.  But then excellent doctors, life-saving surgeries, an ileostomy, and Remicade swooped in to save the day!

Between the medical calamity were friends and family...

get togethers with loved ones, life's events to celebrate...

holidays and weddings.

 To end this year well, I am happy to report this handsome stud is making a comeback everyday. Working full time come January 2, 2013!

And when this is just one of the obstacles you have to recover from, it's nothing short of a miracle!

2012 was blessed with friends serving, family loving, employers sustaining, and the Lord providing.

 We got a new nephew, two new brother-in-laws, and our hearts are full.

Some milestones we missed, more often than we like to remember.  But 2012 refined us and helped burned away ugly parts of us.  It revealed our imperfection, brought out need, scared us half to death, and rattled our souls.

But but by the end of it, the year 2012, it will be one for the books.  It has the stories of faithfulness and provision we will tell our kids and their kids.  It was the year of new realities, changed stories, deep love, and seeing truly what living this uncommon life is about.

Welcome 2013!  We don't pray you to be easier, but only to bring to us what the Lord has already ordained.

Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the LORD that will stand.

Proverbs 19:21

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