Friday, November 2, 2012


Ryan's amazing work, Healing Waters International (HWI) has created a Facebook page dedicated to updates and prayer requests.  I relay the latest information to his CEO, Ed, and the information makes its way to Facebook with full accuracy.  I'm so grateful because I don't have the energy to write huge updates... so let me share with you what is going on via HWI Facebook latest page update...

(Also, please feel free to find us on Facebook or find Healing Waters Internaional for more info)

Thanks to everyone who has sent messages of prayer and encouragement for both Ryan and Carly! Each of you has been a great blessing and we are so pleased with all the responses. Please keep both the prayer and encouragement coming.

On Wednesday, the doctor ordered the removal of the nasogastric tube running from Ryan’s nose into his intestine. This was a huge blessing alleviating a significant amount of pain and discomfort. Ryan rallied quickly when the tube was removed - what a relief this was!

They then begin feeding him liquids and soft foods that are easy to digest. The logic of this approach was to see how his digestive tract reacted to pushing food through his system. If the blockage wasn't moving, he would not be able to keep the food down. This would indicate that surgery on his intestine was needed. If he could keep the food down, it would indicate that his new ileostomy was working effectively and that the blockage should steadily dissipate.

Unfortunately, this approach has not proved conclusive in either direction. While he has been able to keep food down, the xrays and other signs indicate continued blockage. Thankfully, Ryan and Carly have great respect for and confidence in their primary doctor. He has been decisive and action-oriented throughout these months.  

The doctor has communicated that he is honestly confused. According to the xrays, Ryan needs surgery. According to his actual condition, he is doing pretty well. The doctor's inclination is to “treat the patient, not the test/xray”. While this appears wise, it leaves Ryan and Carly uncertain as to what's ahead. At one point the doctor scheduled him for surgery and then changed that plan. For now, they continue to push soft food into him in hopes of a breakthrough and clarity of condition. As you can imagine, this uncertainty and confusion is very frustrating for everyone involved, mainly Ryan and Carly.

With all of this in mind, how should we pray? The prayer requests remain the same with one addition. Pray for:
  1. Elimination of the intestinal blockage;
  2. Encouragement for both Ryan and Carly; and finally
  3. Clarity of his issue and the appropriate course of action (this would be either surgery or clearing of the blockage).
Please pray now and pray often moving forward. We will continue providing updates every few days or when there is notable change in Ryan’s condition.

Thank you again for walking this road with Ryan and Carly and with all of us. This is what the family of God is all about!


  1. Thank you for the clear prayer points! I will lift them up in prayer! GO! Deckers Go!

    1. Vee you are our unending prayer warrior!



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