Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Positive Steps

Things are looking up this morning.  We've officially been in the hospital for 2 weeks and although we are beyond tired and drained there are physical steps of progress for Ryan today.   A (sad) thought is that if combine the days of this stay with our hospital stay over the summer we've spent nearly 1 solid month in hospital this year.  Yuck.

His ostomy is VERY active which is excellent (means lots of output), he is trying to eat some pancakes this morning, the switch from an epidural catheter to oral pain meds is underway, and he is getting very very slow stronger.  Our goal is to go on 4 walks today and work very hard to get Ryan active and strong.

A crazy optimistic goal would be to go home by tomorrow night.  A more realistic goal might be Friday or the weekend.  Before we can go home his pain must be managed by oral pain meds as opposed to IV meds, and he must be able to tolerate a soft diet.

More updates to come as he improves!  Thank you for remembering and lifting up my husband!

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