Monday, November 19, 2012

More Progress

Do you dig guest posts?  Reaching for Fringe has one today-click on that link to read more!  And it is some stellar writing that will make you laugh and spur you on to Jesus.

My mom read our blog the other day and sadly reported back to me that, "There were no pictures of Ryan in your post."

What an atrocity!!  I'm sorry mother.  Let me amend the Ryan-less post with these pictures from Saturday :)

Here's an appetizer.

In other news: our front door is  being painted a happy red today which I am thrilled about.  

P.S. So you know how our friends are real cool??  Well did you know how legit our friend's parents are!!??!  Pam and Gary Bolt (Matt's parents) drove up from Texas to help Matt with some of his house renovations but to our surprise and complete amazement they painted OUR house all day on Sunday!  Out of state on their Thanksgiving holiday and they are out in the cold painting their son's friend's house.  There are just no words for how awesome people are.  We are so blessed.

And the fun and gifts never stop it seems!  My mom blessed us Sunday also by getting us out of the house finally (neither one of us can drive for awhile since we're on narcotics, remember?) for hot chocolate, to buy me and her holiday candles, and festive Christmas-y soaps.  It's a yearly tradition that we love.  Plus it was nice for Ryan to get out of the house for a bit and walk.  

So that's about it for us.  Our week is pretty low key and we are set to host our 2nd Thanksgiving this week.  How about you?  Any plans?  Thanksgving?  Black Friday?  
Cutie pregnant Connie and my stud of a husband.  Connie and her husband Casey (below) agreed to name their first son due in December after us...Decker.  Decker Clark.  I KNOW they weren't joking either. 

Casey & Ryan.  These two cause trouble together

Not Ryan but another good shot of the progress.

My Journey to 1000 Gifts
610.  Thinking we're out of milk but finding almond milk hiding out in the back
611.  Crafy stocking stuffers
612.  Learning just how much community and people light up my husband's life
613.  100% on a Chemistry test
614.  The coziness of this season
615.  Ryan getting man time with Ross
616.  Mom taking Ryan to Remicade and their breakfast plans
617.  A girl's reunion morning planned for Tuesday!
618.  Psalm 100
619.  Mending and healing broken hearts
620.  Questions
621.  Pandora's Christmas station
622.  What is means to be a servant
623.  Inspiring photography
624.  Reflection back on 2012
625.  The ugly beautiful that November is nearly over 


  1. Oh my goodness, I love seeing Ryan John Decker look so HAPPY! He is such a stud! Also, your house looks great! Only 48 hours until I can come see it in person! Love you both.

    1. Linny let's eat delicious ham and cheese sandwiches as we gaze at the beauty of our house together. YES! I might not be able to chew great but we will indulge. :)

  2. Oooh painted the house...tha'ts so nice! What a wonderful blessing! Ryan looks well! There were no pictures of you? LOL What type of candles did you get? I do that sort of thing as well. I usually get marshmellow fireside from bath and body works! LUV IT!

  3. Vee I made it into the last post so this one was just dedicated to Ryan! My mom and I love Yankee Candle. I got "Bright Copper Kettle" and "Home for the Holidays". Both are perfect for December-and I know he scent you are talking about from Bath & Body Works. Smells so nice!

    1. ooh are those scents form bath and body as well? I will have to check them out



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