Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hospital Pics/Update

Today is Day 13.  Ryan has been struggling since last night.  His belly is firm and distended despite having eaten no more than ice chips.   He is battling a great deal of nausea and general pain in his abdomen. I think exhausted and weary might sum us up right now-especially poor Ryan.

Prayers please for relief and some progress-anything would be an answer to prayer at this point!!  

Hospitals aren't all that exciting but here is a tiny glimpse into our loooong stay here.

There he is!  Thumbs up a few hours after surgery Sunday night

This is a Skype screen shot.  We don't look happy here because I had to leave Friday and Saturday for class.  We Skyped all night Friday while I was at home-it helped me not miss him so much!!  But my mom stayed over night at the hospital to help Ry out and was such a blessing to us!

Sweet little lady came to pay us a visit.  She brought so much joy with her silly giggles and sloppy kisses :)


  1. WHo is the sweet little girl? You started school already? Wow so you officially are super woman in my books! :) Luv you guys...praying for you like always !

    1. oh an i love your site update...definitely superwoman!

    2. That is our niece Rilyn! She will be two in January. Such a gift she is! I did start school-ahhh!! In mid-October and it has been so awesome. I am so confirmed that this is where the Lord wants me. But since Ryan has been in school it is a challenge to get studying/labs/tests done. However, he does A LOT of sleeping so I have time to study.

      You are the most encouraging Vee. We are so grateful for you :)



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