Thursday, November 8, 2012


We're home!  And it feels amazing!

Ryan is still tolerating very little food and it must be soft or plain but the doctor figured he can be bloated at home just as easily at the hospital.  So he allowed us to go home!  Ryan is totally stable just to eliminate any worries but we are managing his pain and are on doctor's orders to take lots of walks and just keep the diet simple.  The last thing we want is another trip to the hospital so we are following discharge orders to a tee.

Ryan snuggled into our bed the minute he came home and exclaimed "I LOVE our home!!!!"  He is the best husband and the most excited to be free.

He still has a very lengthy recovery period from his 6th and 7th surgeries he endured through this hospital stay.  He has a huge gash on on the right side of his belly from the old ostomy site, a new ostomy more central in his middle and then a 3 inch incision straight down from his belly button to his pubic bone.  We found out today that in the most recent surgery Dr. B pulled all of Ryan's small intestines OUT of his body to examine them thoroughly for any other disease or issues.  How crazy is that?!?!  So amazing that they can do that and also not a good mental image, ha!  We are continually grateful for modern medicine.

Prayers are certainly needed for Ryan to continue getting strong.  This has been a major set back for him health wise.  Crohn's is going to be a life long battle but we're up for the fight with the Lord on our side and such amazing support from all of you.

Rilyn came in for a visit again this morning.  She promptly needed some breakfast :)

Two cute Deckers


  1. Yay!!! This just makes me so happy. I know being home will be a great aid to helping Ry continue to heal. And can I just comment on how stinkin cute little Rilyn is? I'm literally obsessed with that little cutie!!!

    1. She is the cutiest! He already feels better and less stressed than at the hospital.

  2. So glad you are home again! It's amazing how draining the hospital is.

    1. Ugh it's awful Stcey! 8 pm vitals, 12 am vitals, 4 am vitals, 4 am blood draw, 7 am doctor visit, 830 am x-rays, and on and on and on. We're grateful for modern medicine but man do we LOVE our house and rest :)



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