Monday, November 12, 2012

Being Home

Being home has felt really good after such a long and unexpected hospital stay. We have been soaking up sleep, time together, how much we LOVE our engedi, and being grateful for some health progress.  Yesterday I had a really busy day and when I came home we promptly took a 3 hour nap and then slept another 10 hours that night.  I think we might be a little past exhausted this week!

I'll be back later this week with more posts and our happenings but here are some pictures for your enjoyment!  For now I am off to get a root canal.  Party at the Decker household as usual.

P.S.  Can I share some hilarious quotes of the day?  I hope you laugh as much as I did when I heard them...

"This movie has that dreamy Chasing Tandum in it." -Ryan
"Do you mean Channing Tatum?" -Me
"Oh yeah, him!" -Ryan

And a classic awkward parent text:
"Do you know any 6 letter cuss words?" -My apparently innocent Mom
 Don't even ask what I texted back to her...

Oh dear Jesus forgive me! Don't be a gigantic sinner like me.  Amen.

On to said pictures-enjoy and have a great Monday night friends!

Farm fresh eggs for breakfast

Thanksgiving turkey!  12.61 lbs people.

My stud muffin.

Isn't there something kind of gut wrenchingly raw to this picture?  I love it yet it hurts my heart.  Hunched shoulders, obviously worn down, but pressing forward step by step...

You like?  Our friend Matt (yes, he's still single ladies) offered to round up some of our friends to paint the outside of our house!  Wow.  Those are the colors-white, black trim and a red door :)

We're putting this together tonight.  It will help begin to build a joyful living habit and focus your eyes and heart on Someone more important this holiday season  Join us?

LORD, I know that people’s lives are not their own; it is not for them to direct their steps.

Jeremiah 10:23


  1. Glad you scored a sweet manager's special on that fat turkey. Can't wait to eat him (or her) up! And go Ry! I am so proud of his bravery and progress. Just one day at a time! Love you seese-ter.

    1. He is the greatest and most brave! Excited for you to come home!



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