Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Sweet New Tradition: The Thanksgiving Tree

Let's tell our culture to put a cork in it!   I'm so over the dusty old idea that holidays have to be a big fat stress (insert eye roll and huge noise of disgust!)  I'm tired of hearing that over and over; it's just not true!

What our hearts need this November and Decembers is a dose of thankfulness, joy, peace, prayer, and rest during the beautiful season of holidays.

And to kick start the season Ryan and I put together Ann Voskamp's Thanksgiving Tree last night. (Ann is the super legit author of this book) Admittedly it's a little late with Thanksgiving just 9 days away but better late than never right?

This project literally cost 3 dollars however it could easily be free, but my printer was fresh out of ink.  Just follow this link for all the details about the Thanksgiving Tree.  Here's a quick wrap up of what this is in 2 seconds and why we dig it:

Print off the free PDF printable, cut out the scripture covered leaves, then hole punch them, put a string on them and hang them on some branches.  I was a creeper this morning and knife/sawed (didn't even have scissors) branches off our neighbor's bush.  I liked their branch size better than ours...don't be like me.  Such a creeper move!

  The way we are choosing to do the Thanksgiving Tree is to write one or two blessings or thanks on the back of each leaf on our own time and initiative each day.  Ann offers several ways to make this work for your family.  We reflect on one of the leaf's scriptures each day when we have a moment and take time to thank the Lord for ALL we have been given.


Want to join us?  Just go to that link I gave you, creep on your neighbor's bushes, get those suckers hung up, and praise away.  Sweet yes?  

We majorly dig this tradition because we're kicking that "stressed out holiday idea" to the curb.  This is a beautiful season brimming over with lovely and abundant blessings.  Joined together let's figure out how to refocus our gaze on Him and the beauty that surrounds us this season and out.

Happy Thanksgiving Tree making!

Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.

Colossians 4:2 


  1. original idea! i like! although thanksgiving has passed for us Canadian folks....but i shall have to store it in the memoirs for next autumn!

    1. oooh happy belated thanksgiving!! it's a pretty fun tradition that we are really into. i suppose it would be good anytime of year too

    2. yes this could even be doe on a mini christmas tree and instead of leaves paper christmas ornaments! Ooh I am inspired! Hehe!

  2. okay, i'm inspired now.
    i saw the idea on ann's blog, but admittedly dismissed right away it w/o even reading the details b/c i'm so incredibly craft averse. but your picture of the print out gave me confidence.
    i can DO print outs! ;)

    ooooh, i think i even have a wide red vase so that i can just keep it going throughout the holidays (w/o my "black & white" brain feeling like 1) i'm late or 2) it can only be a t-giving thing). YAY!

    going to check it out now. (and you cracked me up w/ the creeper references, btw.)

    1. tanya i'm so excited to have you making one too!! i'll be on the look out for pictures on your blog :) it is sooo simple. if you can punch holes in paper, tie knots, and cut paper then you are set. plus you have the RED vase-YES!!

    2. well i couldn't find the red vase, but as i was searching & not finding, the Lord reminded me that i still actually have the freedom to continue to be thankful *without* the red vase. (so novel! . . lol.) so hopefully this week i can round up some branches w/ our son & get it started, so count us IN!

      thanks again for the inspiration!

  3. Lovely. I, too, am weary of the "stressed out" holidays and am embracing ideas that actually reflect how I want to celebrate. This is meaningful, pretty and easy. It looks so nice on your display. Thanks for posting and giving the directions.



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