Monday, November 26, 2012

A Ryan Decker Post

It's been 18 days since we were released from the hospital.  I am having a hard time deciphering if the time seems to have flown by or drag on.  Our days just blurred together those first few weeks-with recovery, pain, school, clinicals, tests, doctor's appointments, and trying to live life.

  Ryan went for Remicade Round 4 last Wednesday, November 21 and weighed in at 151 lbs.  According to our surgeon his colon is making excellent progress in healing thanks to Remicade and the ileostomy.  Remicade is the greatest!  He has only contracted strep throat so far with his weakened immune system-not even a cold.  Woo hoo-thank you Lord!

His ileostomy is still considered a blessing but the day to day management of it is often exhausting and tedious.  We have been up at 3 am too often changing leaking bags, reliving itchy skin, or cleaning up wound drainage.  Poor husband.  It's not his fault and honestly I am SO proud of his strong heart and continued perseverance in this storm.  He battles this intense skin irritation and itchiness daily.  You know how bad a mosquito bite itches?  Well multiply it by 100 and then slap a plastic medical appliance on it so you can't reach the itch and you have a tiny glimpse into Ryan's reality.

He still thinks that milkshakes and macaroni and cheese should be his main diet, but he married a wife who loves health!  Sheesh.  Poor sucker.  I buckled and bought crisco to make authentic pie crust for a homemade pot pie (one of his favorites!) but that is where it ends for me.  To keep him semi-healthy, I make veggie-fruit smoothies filled with kale, spinach, and berries for a nutrient rich and diet of variety (don't worry, everything is blended so no clogs are possible).  Other than that we try to keep things simple with lean, soft meats, soft veggies, and lots of pasta/bread dishes.

Overall he is improving.  There is no "healing" for Crohn's but there is remission, improvement and recovery to battle for.  We are excited for a healthy plateau in his health so that he can get back to work (in his own words, he is incomplete without work) and we can start getting our life back bit by bit.

Your continued prayers are so appreciated.  Thank you for your grace in the delay between Ryan updates and health posts.  He is steady right now and we are trusting the Lord daily for what we need.


  1. Well maybe by doctors standards there is "no healing" for Crohns. But I am certainly believing and praying for Gods healing on Ryan to blow those doctors philosophies right out of the water! :)

    1. We would be down for a miraculous healing!!



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