Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Reminder

I love that verse in Isaiah on the picture.  It reminds me of who God is...even when our circumstances are horribly dim and confusing.  He WILL strengthen us. 


Also, I was looking at our blog posts from this time last year and this was the post from Nov 3.  How amazing and such a sweet reminder.  I never thought we would be in such a health crisis 1 year later but we're still being taught valuable lessons about just Who this life should be focused on.

Have a blessed Saturday.


  1. That is the sweetest ever picture if you two. I love you both and am praying! xoxo

  2. Hello dear one, I am in san Diego at a conference for pastor's wives and have been blessed and challenged beyond belief. As I drove up highway 8 from my parent's home to the conference site I prayed for you and Ryan, frankly begging God to simply speak the word and the blockage would move. The message from Lisa Chan (wife of Francis Chan) was the one that absolutely wrecked me this weekend: Lord, teach me to die (so that I may live). Oh, I am praying for you both and will not stop. You are in a death and I love seeing the life spring out in both of your lives. I hate the pain you are in and yet, as the scriptures seem to always remind us...But God. I love the "but God's" in the Bible. Hope that cannot and will not be quenched. Love to you both my virtual friends.



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