Monday, November 5, 2012

11/5 Update

As shared before, Ryan's CEO and our dear friend, Ed Anderson has been updating via Facebook on our situation.   Ed composes these updates with such thoroughness and accuracy that there is nothing really for me to add!

 He is so involved, such wonderful support, and his love is just unending.  So please catch up on our situation via today's update:

On Saturday, our CEO, Ed Anderson, had the privilege of visiting with Ryan while Carly was away for a few brief hours of nurse’s training classes (watch out Florence Nightingale, Carly’s coming...). Carly will be the world’s best nurse - just ask Ryan!

Ryan’s spirits were good. He was alert and communicative with a smile and a great outlook. This was great to see. However, at that time, the intestinal obstruction remained and continued to be an issue. The confusion and uncertainty regarding a course of action also remained, but Ryan was clear and resolute. Dr. B., as the Deckers affectionately call him, was coming in later that day and Ryan felt hopeful he would recommend surgery as it was beginning to look like the most sensible conclusion. 

At 5:17 PM, Ed received a text from Carly: “Surgery is scheduled for 8:00 AM tomorrow. Please pray they find EXACTLY the issue and can resolve it.”

So, Sunday morning, Ryan had his 7th surgery in three months and when Dr. B came out of surgery to report to Carly, he had all good news! For this we give God praise! The doctor said they found a “dent” in the bowel near his ileostomy and were able to correct the problem. In addition, there appeared to be dilation and abnormal swelling for reasons unknown. In this procedure they removed a few inches of the bowel. He also received his third new stoma. This stoma is wider than the two previous ones. The hope is that this wider stoma will prevent future blockages. It's tricky, though, because if the stoma is too small, there may be restriction or blockage. If the stoma is too large, however, you get prolapsing or retraction.

Here is prayer item #1: Pray that this new, wider stoma, prevents blockage but does not prolapse or retract! 

In addition, Dr. B scoped the entire 20 foot length of his small intestine to identify or rule out other possible issues and to confirm that Crohn’s Disease had not spread elsewhere. In Carly’s words: “He is healthy upstream.”  So this is prayer item #2: Thank God that, at this point, the Crohn’s is contained to the large intestine.

The other good news is that, while Ryan was sedated, Dr. B scoped his large intestine and confirmed that the Remicade treatments appear to be healing the fissures and fistulas that Crohn’s caused in the first place. So this is prayer item #3: We thank God that the Remicade, supported by rest, is providing healing. Further, we pray that his progress continues. Again, in Carly’s words: “That is fantastic news!”

Let’s try to summarize. It would appear that the decision to proceed with surgery was the right one. By reading these details it should be clear to all that this was a very significant surgery. Ryan’s body has been through so much! So, here is prayer item #4: Pray for a steady, solid recovery with no complications or setbacks. In addition, that the recovery process will enable him to return home soon. Finally, just because surgery is over and the early news seems positive, we should not quit praying for both Ryan and Carly. There are challenging days ahead  where effective, fervent prayer is essential. Keep praying and keep believing! 

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