Monday, October 22, 2012

Young Pups, and Other Medical Confusions

I went to a yearly "wellness check up" this week (expecting a physical) but was thoroughly lectured by my doctor that I need to be doing more "23-year-old activities"What does that even mean??

Also, she was shocked that I did not think I needed an STD test, because it was rare that even her married patients were monogamous.  Sigh.  I have no words.

Dear spouses of the world, 
Don't sleep around.  Duh.  
The Deckers

Anywho, while she took down my vitals and history, she dubbed me a "young pup" and shared that she was quite unsure of her feelings about me already being married for 2 years at only 23 years old.  Well Ry, I sure hope she approves or else it's not lookin too good for you man!

{Might be time for a new doctor}

She poked and prodded she prescribed me a weekly dose of "have more fun".  Apparently she thinks I don't go to enough bars for a 23 year old and I should really consider loosening up a bit.  Ahem.

I literally did not listen to even a word this lady said because I think it is all a bunch of bologna.  Although we may not go clubbing every night, we do have plenty of time with our favorite people, doing life giving activities and enjoying this blessing of life!!

  One of them being game night!

The art of the shuffle.

One version of game night are when our two great friends, Matt and Katie, come over and we play Spades for hours, eat delicious dinner, always consume too much dessert, but most importantly love hanging out and doing life.

So doc, I know you don't approve that I got myself hitched at 252 months old and it's confusing that I'm not risking an STD every Friday night...BUT this is the life I love and will proudly live any day.

Over and out.

Homemade chocolate frosting.  Yes please!

Look at my husband looking like a stud.

Katie all wrapped up in her pretty sweater.

You look very thoughtful here Matt...or are you still mad that Katie and I whooped you two in Spades?!

Drinks and card playing.

Oooooo look how cute Harpo is tonight!!

Beeee-yoo-tiful, moist, chocolate cake.  

What is wrong with me??  Don't be like me and wear safety goggles late at night.  No.

Live as people who are free, not using your freedom as a cover-up for evil, but living as servants of God.

1 Peter 2:16


  1. Looks like you know how to party to me. For the record I was not only married at your age, but had baby #2 on the way...I'm sure my doctor was dismayed and I don't know how many times in the pregnancy with baby #2 I was asked if I would like to have a tubal ligation after she arrived. Really. Okay. After 9 children we still have not succumbed to birth control and we still manage to have fun! :)
    Love your outlook and the photos are great~you rock the safety googles by the way.
    Keep up the God work.

    1. Lori amen!! Being married in our early 20's and choosing game nights over bar hopping is totally acceptable to me. You are a great example-thanks for not choosing what the world says.

  2. I can't believe your doctor? What the heck ....more bars? Isn't the second hand smoke and alcohol a concern for ones health? I guess she didn't learn that at med school! I got married at 21 and I definitely can relate to peoples odd opinions about getting married so early! I am glad to be 26 But you are so mature for your age and have shown an awesome example! Plus does Doc know that you have a blog with tons and tons of followers? Apparently we find your life quite interesting and exciting to read about! Thanks! LOL

    1. I know Vee!! She really wanted to know how I decompress especially after learning that my husband has a chronic illness. I told her coffee dates, game nights, yoga, church etc. She told me loosen up and check out the bars around denver and not put all my happiness on my husband. Sigh. She gave some BAD psychological advice if you ask me.

  3. This made me laugh so hard: "Dear spouses of the world. Don't sleep around. Duh."
    You're not alone, Car. I've had similar experiences with doctors--especially right before I got married. (One thought I had "mis-read" the questionnaire or didn't understand the meaning of "sexually active" or some such nonsense.) High fives to us for stumping our doctors!

    1. Ha ha Beth it's so true. Previous to being married doctors were like, "It's ok to admit how many partners you've had. No judgement here." ha ha Silly doctors! I love stumping them even now with the whole NFP thing too.

    2. Haha, like when they say, "Well, you didn't list any medications here...aren't you forgetting a little something?" No. No I am not.



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