Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wedding Extravaganza Weekend!

This weekend (and most weekends lately) have been awesome times of celebration over life events and particularly busy with wedding season.  My amazing friend Alyse got married on Sunday!

It was a beautiful day in the mountains and she was a breath-taking bride.  I was honored to be in the wedding and really get to experience the day with her and her wonderful new husband.  Happy Marriage you two!

Also, Stacey had her bridal shower which you can see more of below.  It was a sweet afternoon and time of celebrating her and seeing all the fancy, new presents she and Jason received.

The very fancy beautiful cupcakes
The top of her GORGEOUS lace dress

The ceremony view.  It was a beautiful day with stunning scenery

The groom, Jesse, being a goof

 Gorgeous bride, Alyse!  And also the two of us.

After Alyse and Jesse's wedding we headed right to Stacey's bridal shower.  I did not get a ton of pictures because I had to be late but here are a few!

Little flower girl already practicing looking cute

Snuggle time with my favorite nephew!

Stacey with two amazing women and friends, Arissa and Beth

Stacey and her hostess, Diane (who I just realized blinked in the picture--sorry Diane!) and her mama

My two favorite guys!!  My type is clearly tall, curly hair, and handsome but the short, fat, bald guy on the right has won my heart too.


  1. Aw man the wedding looked lovely! Totally loved the view, the dress...everything! Looked like out of a movie! WOW!

    1. It was gorgeous! They did an great job planning it and keeping stress low. Love mountain weddings ;)



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