Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Waiting Room

Here is how our day is going...

waiting...more waiting...even more waiting...

Waiting room glory: tv's, florescent lights, and coffee machines

They just took him back to surgery at 9:10 pm so things are running late.  That's not the worst news ever but it does take stress up a bit because we just want it over with!

Ryan was brave, prepared, and peaceful going into surgery.  And hungry :) He hasn't eaten since last night and he is on an all liquid diet for tomorrow.  I am feeling a little more anxiety than I ever have before.  So I'm spending some time praying in the waiting room and unwinding.

  Our AMAZING friends Ali & Daniel came and kept us company tonight (and fed me!).  We laughed with them the whole time and Ryan just lit up the while they were with us.  I loved to hear him laugh especially after such a yucky, disappointing day.  My wonderful parents also made a supply run to our house and came with a big bag of clothes and necessities for me-I am set here for a few days!

We are blessed by so much support in our lives.  Probably another update in the morning because it will be a late night.

Prayers needed and accepted!!

Party in my rocking chair!  At least it's comfy

  Now this I know: The LORD gives victory to his anointed. He answers him from his heavenly sanctuary with the victorious power of his right hand.

Psalm 20:6

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  1. Ah, praying for you this morning. What a day/night you had! Often in my life after a particularly difficult season that seems to be turning, I turn my back to those hard days and set my face forward sure that I'm done with it. And then not. Those days can feel more discouraging because I really thought I was moving forward. Not sure how you both are feel this morning, but I am praying that you will be hopeful, grateful; that the enemy would not have a foothold (or beachhead!) of discouragement.



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