Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Ryan is still totally miserable with this tube in this throat but slow progress is being made.  The doctors put a nasogastric tube down his throat yesterday morning to help suction out what is believed to be a bowel obstruction.  

For whatever reason, after surgery, his bowels decided to freeze and stop working for a time.  An obstruction is super serious and made Ryan vomit, shake, fevered, and in so much pain.  This issue has to be addressed and resolved or other much more serious issues will come up.

 So although this tube is good it is not comfortable at ALL.  In fact, it's horrible.

We are discovering that warm drinks seem to go down easier than cold, he has been sleeping a ton, and we are trying to be patient for the moment when they will pull this tube out.  Once the tube is out it's a clear liquid diet for Ryan, and hopefully home by this week if he stays stable and problem free.

Ryan is for sure beat up from this battle and we're both exhausted but we're glad for our ever amazing surgeon Dr. B and a team of people who are helping him out.

Prayers please for continued progress and FULL healing!


  1. Praying for healing and for God's peace to continue to sustain you both.

  2. Thanks for the update....you guys will be in our prayers!



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