Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Things to Know in October

There was recently a UK woman who's doctor's missed her cancer THIRTY times.  With that in mind, Reaching For Fringe is encouraging you today to not settle in your care.  Read on!


Would you like to know how Ryan Decker is doing these days?  Well let me indulge you...

#5.  He's getting fatter.  In a good way!  Last weigh in was 168 lbs.  Woo hoo!  That is 18 lbs gained back from August.  Nice work Decker.

#1.  Ryan went to work on Monday from 9:30-3:30.  That is ALMOST a full day.  We expect him to be back to work full time by November 1st.

#3.  We had a doctor's appointment with our new GI doctor on Monday afternoon.  It was uneventful but felt good to be officially under the care of an involved and interested doctor.  Dr. R did suggest a new drug therapy, Imuran, that is done alongside Remicade.  It is a new pill that is researched to show strong results of putting Crohn's into remission.  However, young males have an astonishingly high rate of developing rare lymphoma cancers on this combination of therapy.  So we said no and will only ever venture this road if Ryan's Crohn's re-flares and treatment becomes difficult.   We will see Dr. R again in December to make sure all is well.

#7. His ability to be out and about has dramatically increased!  We go on walks, dates, attend weddings, and are even thinking about a short hike next weekend.  Such an amazing turnaround from his couch bound and horrible days just a few months ago.

The two of us at a recent wedding

#2.  Remicade is working nicely for him.  It still hurts to poo which suggests the presence of the fissures  still in his lower colon. Sigh.  However the Remicade has returned his energy, prevented more fistulas and abscesses, and overall is a strong medicinal therapy for him.

#9. His ileostomy has been acting up a bit.  Well, not the actual guts I suppose but more so the appliance.  Remember how he has to put a sticky round guard over his stoma and it sticks to his belly? And then attach a bag to that sticky appliance?  Well the design just isn't stellar and we are finding that it often starts coming off without warning and can be itchy and temperamental.  Will you pray we get this figured out for Ryan's sanity and comfort?  Thanks.  We'll try new products and experiment with some pastes to get it to stick, but we would love to be free of this and not have to worry all the time.

#6.  His appetite is back.  See evidential picture below and point #5.

Chocolate cake and ice cream are main contributors to his diet apparently.

 #7.  By the ridiculous look on my face below you might guess I am awkwardly receiving some weird news...Incorrect.  I think I was cutting a birthday cake.  But the only reason I made it into today's post is to remind you that  I am headed back to the books and school!  For Nursing!  Holla.

#4.  Did you forget how cute this little lady is?  Well here she is in case your forgot. She got stung by a bee last Sunday and was VERY brave.  Oh, and she hates talking baby dolls.  Ha!

#10.  Finally, be on the look out for some posts about excess, and waste, and lots of lessons I am learning about reducing the clutter of our hearts and lives.  It's good, crazy wild stuff.  Can't wait to share and convince you all to be a little nuts with me!  


  1. Great post! Got my decker life fix for the week! haha! Looking forward to going crazy with ya...I am all about de cluttering and organizing! Bring it on! :D

    1. OOoo Vee good I am excited!! This is crazy though and is very extreme and drastic. Not a forever thing but something cool I am reading about.



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