Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Surgery #6

Very early this morning we started having issues with Ryan's ileostomy.  It was retracting which means the stoma sunk very, very low into his abdomen and below the skin line.   That is not good at all and quite serious.  When a stoma retracts that means something is wrong and it requires a surgical fix.  Our doctor was paged early this morning and he said to come to the hospital ASAP.

 Ryan is scheduled for a surgery this evening at 8 pm.  It's the necessary and most beneficial step to take in order to correct this issue immediately and give Ryan long-term health.

Can we ask that you would pray for courage and peace for Ryan especially?  Please peace for me and the rest of our family, guided hands for our surgeon, and protection against any complications.  This is scary and not where we thought we would be today.

It's shocking and unnerving to be headed back into the hospital and especially back into the OR.  Just yesterday we were saying how great everything was going but things change very quickly.  Nothing is in our control.

Updates to come.  We'll be in the hospital for about 3 days, so posts will be as often as my time allows.  Thanks for praying in advance.


  1. i love you both! know that i am sending prayers from Washington.

    1. you are the greatest caylee. we just read this while waiting in pre-op and were like "she is the coolest we know". appreciate you!



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