Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ry Update/Random Happenings

The strep is just about over!  The pictures from yesterday's post were from 2 or 3 weeks ago so don't get any crazy ideas that I feed him chocolate cake and wine when he is sick.

His antibiotic was only a 5 day dose but it stays in his system for another 4 days thereafter.  His voice is still hoarse in the morning but he is back to work this week.  Go husband!

 Other Random Happenings:

*We're applying to volunteer here

*Incredibly kind words spoken about this little blog

*I am being rocked by studying this

* It's on our agenda next week to assemble these.  Join us? 

*This is what's for dinner

*Are these words beautiful and convicting or what?

*These would be amazing homemade stocking stuffers.  Only 62 days!

*A hilarious (and probably disturbing) look into the joys parenthood.  Awesome.

*Need something to pray for?  Just browse this site.  Have mercy.

*Loving everything about this.  Offer "wild, tenacious thanks".

Have a beautiful Tuesday!


  1. K, so the chemistry stuff gave me a head ache...i prob got a 1/4 through the first sentence and thought " and we're done!". Perhaps you can write a post for dummies about that! LOL
    Those shoe box gifts are great, we did that with our sunday school class, all the children brought something and we assembled a couple!
    I can't believe Christmas is in 62 days....aaaaahhh. Oils are a great idea...but oils can get pricey....heck Christmas can get pricey! LOL Thanks for the reminder than I need to start my shopping!
    And the parenting photos were just down right hilarious! I had to forward the link to everyone I know! LOL

  2. Vee you are the best! I love reading your comments :) I liked the oils because they can be handmade and I hope that results in a MUCH cheaper gift or stocking stuffer :) And weren't those kid pictures the BEST?! So hilarious and crazy. That dad was so fun.

    Looking forward to your next post!



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