Monday, October 8, 2012

Pictures of A Decker Weekend

Reaching For Fringe is hosting it's 2nd Guest Post of all time!  And it's REALLY good.  Don't miss it.

Read below for a snapshot into the worst day ever, some fall decorations, and Ryan being a gangster!  Hope you all had a good weekend also (minus if you also had a 'worst day ever')!

 Ryan practicing worship for leading Digging Deeper (a devotion time) for his work on Friday morning.  I love seeing him play guitar-he is SO gifted at it.

Front porch ready for fall!


This is a picture of Ryan's face after "the worst day ever"

What is the worst day ever you ask?  Well last Friday Ryan's Ileostomy appliace decided to be the naughtiest it's ever been and give us grief for over 24 hours straight.  It had leaked stool onto him a few weeks prior and really burned his skin like a bad sunburn.  The skin never healed because how can anything heal when it's covered with a piece of plastic and adhesive all day?  Ugh.  But Friday his skin was just SUPER irritated, itching, swollen, and therefore we could not get an appliance on him.  Everything from water to neosporin hurt him.  It was miserable.

To make matters worse I talked to several very unresponsive, apathetic nurses and receptionists at our doctor's office.  It seemed they could care less and left us waiting all day long for a call back. We finally got his appliance on him but not after many showers, clean-up, tears, and headaches.  Thank goodness, but it was awful.

 Howdy!   A little picure before the Bachelorette Party

Ryan sold his 4Runner over the weekend so our kitchen counters were covered with...

 DOLLA BILLS!!!! Sketchy!

Also here is Ryan being a gangster.  Or as I like to call him, a wangster.

My No-Sew Kitchen curtains got a fall facelift.  Love the deep reds and khakis to get us ready for October and November.

We're loving this cold, crispy weather and will update soon with more from The Deckers!

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