Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pick Up at #524

[Ry Update:  We are being released tomorrow (10/28).  Ryan is fighting a lot of bloating, some nausea, and general discomfort.  The surgery puts his bowels to sleep essentially and that means they function poorly at the moment.  You know that horrible tingle when your arm or leg falls asleep?  Imagine that in your intestines and you can see why things aren't functioning at 100%.  
His pain is fairly managed at the moment which is a blessing and he is able to rest and relax.  We're praying for a good night and easy afternoon]

This post was the last time I logged My Journey to 1000 Gifts.  My seemingly simple goal for 2012 was declared in January.  It was only to record all the gifts of the year, big and small, that surround us everyday.  The hard to see, the obvious, the frequent, the unexpected and the in-between.

 Little did I know what 2012 had in store for us:

Dozens of doctor's visits.
6 surgeries.
Commitment and love.
New changes.

But I haven't recorded a single gift, blessing, or thanksgiving in 3 months and that's a shame.  Because there is still a need to remember His faithfulness and goodness.   Our gifts are abundant and enormous, and small and beautiful even though this season of life is grueling.  

Our Lord has not forgotten us; He has showered us with endless love and presence, believe it or not.

So please read along or even consider recording your own journey to 1000.  This journey has led me to joy magnified and a thanksgiving filled heart.  And I predict with confidence my list will exceed that small number of 1000 because our God is endlessly good (Gen. 21:33).

My Journey to 1000 Gifts
524.  Dark rooms for rest
525.  3 cups of peaches stacked high
526.  Walks around a quiet hospital
527.  Sips of apple juice
528.  Matching slippers
529. A plate of wedding cupcakes
530.  Surprise visits from a bride and groom
531.  Texts to show love
532.  Snow dusted CO
533.  A blog to update
534.  6101
535.  Modern medicine
536.  A restful room
537.  CNA class
538.  Pumpkins
539.  Anticipation of Halloween
540.  A countdown to Christmas music
541.  Medical clearance for his shower
542.  Learning and adjustment
543. Ileostomies
545.  Trained surgeon hands
546.   Sunshine spilling in
547.  Marriage

548.  This little lady.

549.  Quickly dark evenings and welcoming lanterns

550.  Ttransitions from green to gold, red, orange, and brown

551.  This sweet, sweet face.

552.  Finding an engagement picture-and grateful we remain hand in hand

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