Saturday, October 13, 2012

Linny's Early Birthday Lunch

Reaching For Fringe has a particularly soul baring post up if you would like to read :)

My little sister, Lindsay (Linny, Lin, Linkel, etc) turns 22 this month!!  My mom reminded us that it is her Golden Birthday-where the age you turn is the same as the date you were born.  What an amazing birthday girl-we love her and were so glad to celebrate with her this year.  

Normally she is out of state at college this time of year but we got to see her early and spend the afternoon with the whole Nelson clan for a birthday shibang!  Such a fun afternoon chowing down on Mexican food, taking pictures, and eating birthday cake!

Happy Early Birthday Linny!!

The birthday girl and her sweet fiance, Justin (Dec 20th is the big day!)

The most delicious chips and salsa ever at Hacienda

Our Christmas card picture.  Not!

Take two is better.

Linny's birthday present from us-a pretty cream jewelry holder

I love everything about this crazy picture.   Linny and Justin look like they are posing for a wedding magazine, Ryan is in the background by a tree, my mom is looking at the fire, and dad's eyes are closed.  Awkward family photo moment!

 What a lucky guy.  Two red heads on each arm.

 Sassy birthday lady.

Dad and Ryan hanging out in the kitchen

Pre birthday cake wish!

Her birthday cake-a family tradition.  Black walnut cake.

What a great birthday!  Hope your "real" birthday is just as special as your pre-celebration Lin :)

P.S. This post wouldn't be complete with our one of our sweet, contemplative little Harpo...

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