Monday, October 15, 2012

Exciting Changes

The Deckers are headed into a new season-a really exciting one that was a direct result of Ryan's chronic illness.

No we are not pregnant *ahem*  Always have to clarify whenever we say we have good news :)

The real announcement is that I am beginning to pursue my Nursing Degree.  Woo hoo!

If you've read this blog for any amount of time you know that Ryan has been so horribly, miserably, unbelievably ill with Crohn's Disease.  And in caring for him for the last 7+ months as well as being in many, many hospitals/doctor's offices/recovery rooms, etc...we've been discerning that these experiences have grown my heart and desire to serve in health care.

We're pointing the way into new and uncharted territory!

Quality nurses makes all the difference when you are sick.  These special people minister to you, provide confidence, educate, comfort, and physically care for nearly all your needs.  Our nurses were a tremendous blessing and a few weeks ago some processing began, "Hey, I could do this!  I would LOVE to do this job.  What a neat opportunity to love and serve people."

In order to start on this journey, I need to complete several prerequisites prior to any Nursing program.  My BA is in Psychology so clearly my science courses are lacking.   I have a few classes to get under my belt to prepare me well like Chemistry, Anatomy, Microbiology etc  The ultimate goal is to apply to an accelerated BSN program for those already holding a degree-preferably at Regis or UCD which are approximately 1 year long.

This has all happened very quickly, within the last few weeks actually.  But we are thrilled to share the news now and know this is exactly where we're being called.

When God is moving you know it and in this case, He has swooped us into a tizzy of new and exciting plans that are perfectly aligned to what He would want.  Our only job is to be obedient and available. 

Also, here are just a few of the most FAQ we get asked...

What field of Nursing do you want to pursue?
Gastrointestinal would be mega sweet given Ryan's health battles,  but I'm also intrigued by the ER or working at the Children's Hospital with the wee little ones. 

What is the time line like for this new plan?
Finish my pre-reqs by May 2013 and apply to several programs around the same time.  If accepted to Regis, I would begin in January 2014 and graduate in December 2014.  Any other program will vary a bit but should be roughly the same.

What's happening with Cru?
I have been on staff with a college ministry but will say goodbye mid-November.  It's a really sweet organization and will be missed but I can't do both.  So it's out of one season and into another-both things are good and we feel fully supported in the decision.

How will Ryan fend for himself while you're in school?
Ryan is my #1 fan and quite honestly the driving force of encouragement with this new pursuit.  We set up a meal schedule so no one is starving but here's the man is a STUD!   He already cleans, cooks, and serves us so much so he is prepared in the ways of survival when his wife becomes a student again!

So that is the news!  I'm feeling confident, hopeful, and increasing drive to pursue this out.  We hope you're pumped with us and thanks for letting us share! 


  1. Great news! My husband's twin sisters are both nurses, and they LOVE it! One of them worked in the Children's ER. Just so you know, it's not full of just cute little kids. You get the drunk and high teenagers too. And violent ones at that. But they both find their work to be really rewarding!

    1. The ER for sure attracts some sketchy people! I'm glad to hear they have had a good experience-I am super pumped for the journey and new opportunity.

    2. This is exciting! All the best on your new journey! I have dreamed of being a i will live vicariously through you! :)

    3. Vee you would be the best nurse-you are so considerate of others and aware of their needs. Thank you for your always sweet words.

  2. Weeooooo! Carly! That is dang exciting! I would be delighted if I ever had you as a nurse! We really need to grab coffee soon! I want to hear more! :)

    1. Angi thanks!!! If you were my patient we would have too much fun and they wouldn't let me take care of you ha ha I really would like to do that--what is your time like next week?

  3. Carly, I know it's been a very long time, but I just noticed this blog post and couldn't help, but comment because I go to Regis and I am in the nursing program there and will be graduating in May. If you have any questions about the program I would be happy to answer any for you! Regis has an amazing program that prepares you to be the best nurse you can be. I am so glad you are interested in this amazing profession that I am so blessed to be going into.

    Amanda Skold

    1. Amanda you are the best. Let's chat! Can I get your e-mail?? Mine is carly(dot)erin(dot)decker(at)gmail(dot)com You can e-mail it to me or if you let me know here, just write it that weird-o way I just did. Ha! Prevents spammers...

      You will be the BEST nurse-so excited for you and can't wait to learn from you :)



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