Friday, October 26, 2012

Doing Well

Happy Wedding Day Stacey & Jason!!!

Stacey is Ryan's sister and we are so beyond disappointed to miss their wedding today-like mind numbingly sad about it.  Ugh.  But the hospital is where Ryan has to be for now unfortunately.  So here is a smidgin' of an update on my man.  Pictures included so you know he is staying alive.

Stayin' Alive by Bee Gees on Grooveshark 
Our theme song, no?

Ryan doing the usual.  We go for laps around the unit, watch TV, chat with the nurses, and eat jello!

Random story:  The hospital offers a Chaplain service which is very thoughtful, but we got a weird visit yesterday.  Chaplain Gregory came in to get deep with us.  He solemnly told us that "all the answers we seek were within us."  HA!!  I immediately laughed out loud and told him I am full of a bunch of crap and that only the Lord has answers

We haven't heard from him again...

We've received enough dumb mumbo jumbo about us being able to heal ourselves with positive thinking and inner strength, so that dude got shut down real quick.  He picked the wrong room to get new-agey in.  We'll rely on Jesus first and any sweet medical technology second for healing.  Amen! 

Doesn't he look good??  He is such a stud.  So sweet, so handsome, so caring even after a major surgery.

Random stuff you might like to know:

Yesterday Ryan had plain toast, saltine crackers, sugar coookie, jello, and chicken broth.  Someday soon he'll be back on a regular diet which for us means very soft, plain, and easy to digest. 

Our hospital room is hilarious because it's in the ICU which means no frills, just the essentials.  The toilet literally folds out of a cupboard under a sink.  More than once I have been tinkling away when a nurse or doctor walks in and can awkwardly hear me from behind the privacy curtain.  It's like paradise here.


Last but not least, I have fully determined that Ryan John Decker is the most amazing studs of all studly studs.  He has been so considerate, peaceful, vulnerable, honest, and joy-filled in this experience.  It's hard no doubt and we won't pretend it's all easy, but he is an example of how I want to be if I ever face major health battles.


  1. Oh my days to the chaplain and his nonsense! He should have read your post from a couple weeks ago about "positive" thinking! LOL I am glad you shut him dow...he should be ashamed of himself!

    1. He was a silly guy. He can certainly believe what he wants but we aren't buying it. He tried to come back into our room 3 times today even though we told him we don't want anymore talks. Sigh.

      Vee we are in a WAY nicer room now-a suite actually. Just got transferred. I'll have to post pics it's so nice :) Ok, headed to your blog for the book review!

    2. I am so glad that you guys got a better room! I can't believe the guy came back! LOl The nerve! Y'all should preach to him! Tell him there is only one way to heaven and that Jesus Christ! And all this other jazz is gonna land him in hell if he's not careful! And lol to headed to my blog for book review! We are blog buddies! :D

  2. I read your blog post this morning to my pastor husband...we both got a kick out of your encounter with the hospital chaplain. Brilliant!

    1. Ha ha oh was crazy for sure. glad to have you 2 reading and praying for us!

  3. Oh Carly I love you! Prayer for you and Ryan :)

    1. We always can count on you Angi for a covering of prayer!

  4. I love your response to the chaplain - just perfect! Praying for you both.



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