Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Date Night

There is a devotional over at Reaching For Fringe today for anyone who has ever felt forgotten.  You know the feeling?  Chronic illness or not, we need truth when this issue comes up.

Monday nights are date nights around these parts.  We tried Fridays and weekends but date night got demoted because cooler plans came along.  Ha!  How lame on our part.

So to spice up a boring old Monday we have a weekly date night in place!

This week we used a gift card and went downtown to Rock Bottom Brewery where we ate 10 million calories and hung out in sketchy downtown.  We rode the free 16th Street Mall shuttle up and down and went into the enormous REI walking around dreaming of camping and snowshoeing.

It was a wonderful night connecting with my favorite husband.  Plus it was mostly free, and a great investment into our marriage!  Check it.

Date night!  I love you husband-you are a stud.

Our beverages of choice.  

Look at this handsome Italian Stallion!

The restaurant has a small brewery in it.  Cool.

Ryan's dinner.  The "2 a.m."  Literally a burger topped with hashbrowns, bacon and a fried egg.  He obviously has his appetite back.

Desserts!  Chocolate brownies and Ryan doing a "model" shot.  He calls this his cleavage shot.  Wow, how sketchy do you get husband?!?


  1. Oh my gosh, the cleavage shot totally made me laugh out loud!

    1. Ha ha isn't that so attractive?? He is crazy.

    2. LOL! Aw this was cute! Your date nights will reap great fruit later on in your marriage!

    3. So true Vee!! Love date nights-the rule is no logistical talk like work, bills, scheduling etc. I love time with my man!

  2. Replies
    1. It was!! Plus it warmed up BIG time after that strange, early snow. So we enjoyed being outside too.



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