Thursday, October 25, 2012

About/Day After Surgery

Exhausted.  That is our sum word of the morning.

We got back to our room at 2 am.  His surgery started an hour late and it took about 2 hours total.  Then add in recovery room time, transfer to his room, and getting him settled in.  It was the very early morning before we were "resting".  

Ryan just didn't sleep great because #1 He had major surgery and #2 His pains meds and anesthesia made him super itchy (a normal side effect).  and #3 It's a hospital.  Hospitals ≠ Rest

He's on a clear liquid diet again and soooooo very tired.  He could barely keep his eyes open waiting for his broth and jello :)  We went on a walk around his unit today and he was so strong, his pain is fairly managed, and overall he keeps saying this srgery isn't as awful as the last ones.

About the Surgery:

Very very early on Tuesday morning, Ryan's skin and area around his stoma was itchy (stoma: the red piece of intestine sticking out of his skin).  It turns out the stoma had shrunk down very low into his skin; so low that is basically disappeared.  The sinking is called a stoma retraction.  That is super startling and we felt very scared.  It also, as I learned, is a major dysfunction that needs surgery ASAP to revise.
Stoma retraction is no fault of Ryan's and occurs in about 1-6% of all ostomates.  If you can pinpoint a reason it might be weight gain, blood flow restriction, failure of proper skin scarring, or just simply because it failed.  No good reason, maybe.  Complications of NOT fixing a stoma retraction include: stool diversion, infection, skin irritation, improper placement of an appliance, leakage etc.

The surgery he underwent last night was a revision and stabilization of the stoma as well as giving him a new type of ileostomy.  They sewed up his old stoma sight with stitches and basically moved everything over centrally about 2 inches.  They couldn't use the same opening because of scar tissue.  So now he has a new stoma placement and what is called an end ileostomy.  His previous type was a loop ileostomy.  Don't ask me the difference, I don't have an accurate or good explanation.

If you want to nerd out and read more about stoma retractions read thisIt's very medical jargon-y but who knows, maybe you dig that kind of thing.  
I hope all that makes sense to you!  It's a lot for you to read about and a lot for us to digest and explain.  The main point to get is: this surgery was major and serious, it will help him, and he should be on a new track to meaningful recovery because of this procedure.

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  1. Aww man, sorry to hear about the retraction! Boo! I didn't click on the link for further info though...your renditions are much more understandable! :)
    Hope all is well soon!



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