Friday, September 14, 2012

Whiny Christians vs Abounding Purpose

Several months ago I wrote a little post titled "Why Us?"  In which I proved without a doubt to the whole wide world that I still have a long way to go in maturing in my faith and heart.  I'm a work in progress.  Aren't we all?  

I would now humbly title that post, "I'm a Whiny Christian and Thought My Life Should Be Easy" *ahem*

Well back then I asked why us in prideful belief of being undeserving of such treatment and I demanded purpose from God.  At that point it was SO unclear to me why exactly why my husband was suffering, and the whole season just seemed senseless.

But let me share with you SO MUCH purpose that I have seen in just the recent weeks:

-Relationships: We have connected with a wonderful, Jesus-loving couple in Washington who are in the EXACT same situation as us.  The 4 of us have journeyed this road together, praying, encouraging, and sometimes barely scraping by...but we're not alone.  Purpose abounding!

-Mentoring: Ryan has been burdened for a long time to begin mentoring younger guys and it would seem that the Lord is opening up doors for him to do so with kids/teens who deal with IBS. How cool is that?!  Purpose abounding!

-Community: By way of Reaching For Fringe, I've been contacted by dozens of people sharing stories of health battles and life struggles.  That blog is sweet community and support.  Purpose abounding!

-Caregiver Support: The opportunity has risen up for me to learn from other women and wives, as to how to be an excellent Caregiver and also encourage others who are in a place I was a few months ago.  Purpose abounding!

-Spiritually: We have seen the Lord soften and work in people's hearts to know him more deeply. Purpose abounding!

-Control: It's been a joy to witness God providing and reminding us He is in charge of finances, health, relationship, and our future.  Purpose abounding!

-Personal Walks: If it was ever unclear that following Jesus actually makes life harder, we are now perfectly clear on the matter.  We will follow Him no matter what, through anything.  He is our only hope.  Purpose abounding!

-Marriage: We have been the biggest jokes when it comes to being "perfectly married" and admit we suck!  I love my man more than I did 2 years ago and  I am confident that NOTHING can break up this marriage.  Commitment and deep love is what we're about!  Purpose abounding!

-Support: We have learned that God is calling us to serve those who are sick in different capacities.  We were supported SO well with meals, finances, love, help, and more that we can only overflow that abundance into others. Purpose abounding!

Grace: We did not do anything to earn God's love and grace.  And when we're broken, tired, sinful, and so messy that anyone else would shudder away from us, the Lord just welcomes us back with open arms and reminds us that we don't earn anything.  We never had anything to give anyway.  Purpose abounding!

Stay tuned for even more purpose!  From personal experience I boldly tell you, that there is PURPOSE.  That even most unbearable circumstances in your life were designed for you-to teach you more about God's heart and character and refine you in ways you never knew you needed.  Hang in there.  Purpose abounds!



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