Sunday, September 9, 2012

We're Alive!

It's been a few days since I've had the time to post but here is a long overdue update for anyone who finds our life particularly thrilling :)  Let's use the numerical system, shall we?

#1. As Ryan has progressed in health, he has gone into "purge" mode.  He wants anything we aren't using OUT and organize what's left.  So far the the garage, bedrooms, closets, books, electronics and more have been purged.  It's an excellent project for him because it's low energy and high reward, plus he says he feels like he has purpose :)  I went through ALL of his medications from the last 5.5 months and it's these 8 I can get rid of.  This doesn't even count all his pain meds, hospital drugs, and now Remicade.  Sheesh!  We love minimizing!

#2. Another wedding invite!  This one is for my freshmen college roommate, Alyse and her fiance, Jesse.  We are thrilled for them and look forward to actually making some of these fall weddings we RSVP'd to.

#3. My husband likes playing a new game called Dominion on his the bath. Ha!  So cute.  Oh and he is up to 158 lbs!!  Praise Jesus!

#4. Here is Harpo Decker after getting in trouble for barking at the neighborhood kids.  You can see he is still staring at them intently while they ran around outside.

#5. We went this weekend for a very quick trip to Utah to help my sister with wedding plans.  Ryan hung out, slept, and relaxed while we hunted down the perfect wedding dress.  And she found it!  It is beyond stunning and perfect.  Mission accomplished.

#6. Ryan's doctor has prescribed him to a 1 hour adventure every single day.  It will help build up strength and gaining endurance for big tasks like going back to work.  So we had our friend Matt and his parents over for dinner Thursday evening.  They were in from Texas and we grilled out and finished it all off with Strawberry Angel Food Cake. Here are the dirty dishes as evidence...

#7. Oh and I'm alive too!  Doing well tonight, just decompressing from the trip and relaxing with my hunky husband.  We are tired and ready for a down night.


  1. Thanks for the update! Haha! I do find your life quite interesting! LOL
    Sometimes its a nice escape from reality, I read and all of a sudden I am in Denver, I am eating german pasties and I have a dog(lol that I am not allergic too). I am either almost in tears or bursting out in laughter, its my weekly fix! Haha! I sound like i don't get out much...anyhow, thanks for just being the Deckers! Y'all are awesome! And soooooooo happy Ryan is on he mend! SO happy!

    1. Ha Vee I KNOW you get out because your blog is always full of adventures :) So fun to share snapshots of our life with you here

  2. I am so glad things are getting better!!! My little dog (Turkey) barks at everyone!!! She learned to open the blinds so every time she hears the slightest beat on the pavement it is a bark-a-thon in my house for the next 10 minutes (I am deaf but surely can hear her). How many sisters do you have? Is this your youngest sister that is getting marry? Y'all both deserve a vacation ! May the Lord continue to bless you and yours.

    1. Haha naughty little turkey! It would be hard to miss a crazy barking dog, deaf or not! UGH so annoying :) I have one younger sister who is the bomb. She is real cool. We are very excited for her and her fiance. Looking forward to more posts and updates from you lady!



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