Saturday, September 15, 2012

Weekend Goodies

Just a post of Decker pictures to get your Saturday afternoon going right!  Hope you are all enjoying your September weekend :)  This is my favorite kind of weather-sunny, cool, crisp.

Also, if I could ask...please pray for Ryan. He has a rough night and morning.  His medical supplies for his ileostomy malfunctioned and some stool leaked around his stoma, burning his skin :(  It's painful and red like a sunburn.  He is tired and frustrated with the stoma swelling, this skin burn, and loss of sleep because if it all.

My man is a stud-he could use your love and prayers for a better weekend.  We are grateful for you!

Left: Ryan folding laundry and obviously THRILLED about it
Right:  I had a girl's night with a dear friend Friday night for amazing queso and Mexican food at our favorite restaurant downtown

Ryan getting his Kyle fix.  They are best buds and encourage each other when IBS sucks.

From a walk we took a few days ago.  Loving the sky colors.  Ryan says it looks like the open savannah in Africa...ha ha oh silly husband!

P.S. Check back in Monday for some cool things happening over at Reaching For Fringe

P.S.S You guys are so good to us-always praying and encouraging us

P.S.S.S.  Nothing else to report...just liked writing that many "s".  How do you make "s" plural?  s'


  1. Carly, May the lord continue to bless both you and your husband.

    Hebrew 11:1

  2. What did you eat at the Mexican restaurant? I am craving for some sweet and spicy mango salsa. Your outfit is super cute. I am glad Ryan has a male friend that understands.

    1. Kay I got a stellar combo plate they have: crispy chile rellono, cheese enchilada and a tamala all covered in green chile! I wish you were in CO so we could get Mexican food together!!! Yum :)

      LOVED your wedding pic. Looking forward to more soon!



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