Saturday, September 22, 2012

Socks Buns & Saturday Dates

Ryan Decker is excellent at finding good deals--the master!!  On Groupon today he had a $5 off coupon and used it on a $10 deal.  So we went spent $5 for a phenomenal local restaurant and ate their usually pricey buffet for way less!  Woo hoo go husband!  

It was a perfect Saturday date to talk, connect, and linger over lunch.  I drank 4 cups of chai and Ryan ate 3 plates of food.  I had food also but not that much :) Then we went for a walk around Golden-the leaves are changing and the weather is perfect.  I was in heaven.

We always vote for relaxing weekend dates!  We encourage you to find time today or tomorrow for one with your luvah (spicy!), even if it's just at home.  It's worth the time, man!

Here are some pictures from our afternoon:

Hi handsome husband!  Look at him sitting up and eating a buffet.  Awesome.

The Sherpa House in Golden, CO  We HIGHLY recommend it!

Hello!  Drinking some pre-lunch chai and loving time with my man

These windows took us back to Asia!  We miss us some China, though this restaurant is Nepalese

Ryan's lunch.  These pictures don't do the food justice.  Yummy!

Also my new obsession: sock buns!!  They literally are as easy as this video makes them seem and I think they look very classy.  I only had to watch the video twice and had a pretty good sock bun turn out if I do say so myself :) Maybe try it out if you need a polished new look this week

My look!  Not too bad for a first try right??


  1. Oooh love the sock bun! i am happy you both got a chance to go on a nice date! Me & my hubby could use one of those...we have a marriage retreat coming up mid October...i look forward to that :D

    1. Awesome! Where are you two going?? We've been on one marriage retreat and it was wonderful. Yay!

    2. We are well, ministry does keep us quite busy, so it can be draining on the marriage, but we have those moments where we re connect! I love those times! Thanks for asking....i have to say again..loved the sock bun! LOL How was the rest of your weekend? Ours was busy, I am super super tired...i look forward to tomorrow! :D

  2. Love your hair. VERY CHIC!!!! You and Ryan are a very beautiful couple!! I am glad to see him up and about. 3 plates of food? Someone is feeling better everyday!



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