Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rilyn/Ryder Love

Dear Rilyn and Ryder Decker,

We are obsessed with you two.  Your aunt and uncle ADORE you both in case you missed that!  Sometimes we just talk about what amazing blessing you both are.  Oh and you two Deckers are SO dang cute but you probably already knew that.

You two rock and we love you,
Uncle Ryan & Aunt Carly

   We LUH-VE these sweet babies!!  Anytime we spend time with them, I go camera crazy so enjoy this picture tribute to the two sweetest little people in our life...

Tent time with Uncle Ryan

Snuggles with Uncle Ryan.  I wonder if Rilyn loves her Uncle?

Sweet, tired face--look at those bright blue eyes
Making phone calls!

Oh dear Lord look at that handsome face!  I just swoon over this little man.

There are no words for how much we love him. Ryder you are SO adorable!

Ryder took a snuggly nap on me.  My life is complete.

Uncle Ryan playing necklace "dress up" with Rilyn.  What a stud!

Doesn't he look thoughtful in this picture?  Fist under chin.  Swoon.

Hope your enjoying your Sunday evening!  And also, the Lord heard your prayers for Ryan.  He had a MUCH better day and even sang as he got ready this morning.  That hasn't happened in awhile :)  He is up to 166 lbs if you can even believe that and the skin burn is healing.  THANK YOU for praying.


  1. We are so glad Ryan is feeling better today and we go to spend some time with the two of you! Also, Rilyn and Ryder are super blessed to have an aunt and uncle that love them so much! Thanks for coming over and swooning over our children!

  2. Carly, I can so see you as a mother!!! You have this radiant while holding your little nephew .

    1. Oh Kay that is so sweet!!! It will probably be a ways out :) I cannot wait for YOU to become a mama. You will be the best!



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