Thursday, September 13, 2012

Possible Prolapses, Normalcy, Confessions

If there is one thing I have learned, it's that you can never predict what kinds of freaky deaky things a stoma (the bit of intestine out of his belly that connects to the pouch) will do next.  Ryan has an ileostomy, however when you have some intestinal matter (doesn't that sound so smart?) hanging on by just a bit of scar tissue, trouble is always on the very near horizon if you ask me.

What a cute osto-stud.  He pulled his hood up because he was sad ;)

So here is the issue:  Ryan has been very active and feeling much better.  But between running errands and doing some light house chores, his stoma swelled to twice it's normal size and lengthened a bit in the last 48 hours.  His Dr. ordered him to bed rest and he wears a hernia belt around the clock to prevent more issues.  So everything here truly is ok here, but we are keeping an eye on it and that is part of the risk of such a surgery!

Next up to tell you: we are getting kind of normal again!  Meaning, I baked a Jewish Apple Cake (whatever that means), we take Harpo on short walks, and we are gaining back some rhythm to our day.  Love that and thank you Jesus!

Final confession: We bought a dang microwave, man.  Although I roll my eyes at this purchase and seem indignant about it...secretly I am excited.  We hosted Thanksgiving last year and our brother-in-law literally brought his microwave over to help with reheating and melting HA!  But now we are set up with one.

The microwave will be mounted over the stove to free up counter space

Enjoy some pics of our "normal" little life:

Harpo played in the rain yesterday-it was dark and rainy here ALL day which we loved

The beginnings to a Jewish Apple cake.  What makes it Jewish?!

Cinnamon and sugar with apples

Pre-baked.  I forgot to take a post-baked one but it was gorgeous and golden. YUM!

Our storm clouds

A pumpkin from my friend's mom.  Do you love that green-ish white??  Gorgeous.

Happy Thursday all!!  We are resting today and giving Ryan the space/time to rest.  Please pray for his swollen stoma if you think about it-that it would go do down and be nice and healthy.  Thank you!


  1. LOL to "jewish"apple cake, assuming it was traditionally made my jewish people, looks like an apple cake I make (minus the jewish). You like to bake a lot just like me! I took a bit of a break in this last year...I found I ate 60% of what I baked, which meant and 60% added to my waste line. But I look forward to doing a little more making this year, now that I am all slim and trim again! All my 6 k runs should help balance things out! Haha! mmmh I think I am going to go bake some banana bread today....mmmhhh
    Sorry to hear about Ryans "stoma"....what found particular fascinating is that I understod all your crohns terminology, which would other wise be a whole lot of medical rhetoric to me! So you have done an excellent job in your posts of teaching about all these different kinds of things!! Anywho....have a relaxing thursday! Do you still work during all this? Or how does that work out? Where you a stay at home wife to begin with? Or take time off to take care of hubby? Either way your an awesome wife, you put many to shame, and your still pretty young...I luv it!

    1. I love that you bake too Vee!! Banana bread sounds perfect for today-its winding down into fall here and that would be so delicious with a big mug of coffee. I didn't know you ran 6K's! Whoa lady! Have you been a runner for long?

      I am very proud of you for keeping up with our crazy medical jargon. It's a lot to understand but you've done a great job of caring for us and continuing to enter into this insane season. I am on medical leave-have been since August to care for him. Normally I work with a non profit called Cru and work with college students. I am SO blessed by my work in that they have allowed me to do so. Ryan had been on medical leave since June and his work is incredibly generous too. We are blessed :)

      Talk to you soon!

    2. Thats so fantastic, thank God for medical leave!! I am really really happy about that!
      And yeh girl I haven't for very long, I did 12 tonight...aaahhh, it was wonderful! Soon I will be able to run across canada! LOL Ya right...someone named Terry Fox did that...amazing, not in my lifetime though!

  2. It's the chosen cake. ;)
    Can't wait to see you next week, insha'allah!

    1. OOOoooo "chosen" cake is probably more delicious anyway! he he We're ready for Malone time!



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