Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September Pictures Galore

I realized how little I've used my camera in the last few months and weeks.  It just felt weird to be snapping shots in the hospital ("Uhhh...Dr. B can you pose with Ryan before surgery?" NOT!) and when we got home after such a long and stressful stay there it just wasn't a joy-giver.

But today and yesterday I have been using it tons!  So here is a little peek into our life today.  Enjoy!

P.S. Scroll down for a Decker life update below the pictures

Ryan did not partake in the raw veggies but I enjoyed this spread.  He had a shake instead :)

Our favorite thing lately is melting this thick honey into peppermint tea

We had an appointment in Denver and on the way home stopped at an authentic German bakery.  YUM!  I grab this Mocha Buttercream Horn and Ryan got a Peanut Butter Crispie

On our daily walk around the neighborhood with this stud

Harpo and I looking good in the middle of the street

This awesome picture credit: Ryan John Decker

Pink cotton candy clouds

Thank you for this shot husband.  Me picking up Harpo's poo.  How swell!

Ryan skyping his new friend Kyle who is in the hospital with Ulcerative Colitis.  Ryan, myself, Kyle, and Tiffany (his wife) are in the EXACT same scenario with IBS and a season of sufferingWe love them!!

Kyle on Skype!  And his sketchy hospital beard.  Ryan and him love each other the most.  Bro crushes.

Other random updates:
My blood/urine work came back from the lab normal so nothing to be concerned about with my heart!  Praise God!  Still getting a home heart monitor next week but feeling good!

 We also went to our new Chiropractor today and got adjusted.  I felt great at first and then I got very tired and nauseous which the doctor said to expect.  They don't crack your bones like you might picture, but use pressure on specific points of the back and LOTS of gentleness to realign things well.  This chiropractic work will hopefully promote Ryan's immune system and overall healing and help some back pain I acquired from the hospital's cement block bed and knee issues.

Finally, Ryan is taking it easy this week.  He overdid it a bit last week with too much walking and light activity so this week is rest, sleep, naps, and little movement.  He's eating fairly healthy, on a more normal schedule, and just looks more "alive" to me if that makes sense.  I love that man!  We are encouraged this week and praising God for so much


  1. Thanks for the photo update! I love being able to see into the lives of others! My fav pic was the german treats...lol I haven't been eating much sweets...so i guess it kinda satisfied my craving? LOL So happy to hear that the results came back normal for you! See I told ya you'd be ok!:D Ryan looks quite healthy!

    1. Cee you would probably like the German bakery here because it hardly even tastes like sugar!! It must be an American thing to have desserts so sweet they make your teeth and jaw ache. BUT this place, you taste the dough, the filling, the pastry and not just a bunch of sugar. Yummier that way :)

    2. Ohhh yummm, they sound even better now, just fed ex some over to canada for me! LOL
      How are you guys doing? Its been a couple days since you posted! Hope things are going good!:)

    3. Vee we are in Utah for the weekend so we are doing well. I'm out here doing wedding planning with my sister and Ryan is enjoying napping/relaxing :) Looking forward to posting again soon!

    4. Woops I'm logged into my sister's e-mail! Ha!

    5. Aww how nice...I am glad you guys got a little weekend getaway! Wedding planning is always a blast! :)



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