Monday, September 3, 2012

Fall Around Our House

Most Importantly, A Ryan Update:  Ryan is certainly getting better!  We will begin professional Physical Therapy very soon to rehabilitate his atrophied muscles and lost strength.  He is up 10 lbs from his lowest weight of 144 lbs so that is a win.  We are cutting out the daily milkshake because of the sugar overload (poor Ryan!) and replacing that with fruit/spinach smoothies, homemade healthier shakes, lots of nuts butters, lean meats, and coconut products.  He is doing light 10 lb curl sets throughout the day and we take a short walk or two a day.  He is progressing!  We have our 3rd Remicade transfusion this month, another appointment with our surgeon Dr. B, and a continued journey back to normalcy.  We still believe Ryan is several months away from returning to the office/normal life but he is in the best spirits I have seen in MONTHS and I love that!  And love him!  Thank you for praying for us.

Candles, chalkboards, burlap, heirloom tomatoes, and new kitchen hardware, oh my!  It's autumn at the Decker household and I'm willing this season in with homemade caramel lattes, chilly early mornings under quilts, and cool night walks.

We spend most of our time at home these days as Ryan recovers so it's my personal ambition to make it as welcoming and restful as possible.  And autumn is my FAVORITE-I love getting our house snazzed up for it's arrival.

Speaking of a restful home...have you heard the word Engedi?  In the Bible that word is used to describe a place of rest and oasis.  It's the place David fled from Paul in the Old Testament to seek solitude and safety, and although we're not fleeing from enemies, we do enjoy rest and refuge here at our home and I happen to think Autumn is the coziest season of all!  I've always made it my job to have our home be our Engedi no matter the time of year however.

What do YOU do to make your home an Engedi for your family, guests, and those who visit?

So in my creation process I pulled out lots of packed away goodies but I wanted to make sure to not create a cluttered mess.  To create an home of rest and peace here is what I try to do for the fall:

-Burn a seasonal candle as the afternoon turns into the evening
-Keep a big basket of our Bibles, journals, and books on the end table of our living room
-Tidy up a once or twice throughout the day to remove clutter
-Immediately clean up dishes in the kitchen
-Keep our favorite worship station on Pandora playing-or I LOVE the Ella Fitzgerald station :)
-Use decorations that we have to create a beautiful, peaceful home
-Place a large basket of warm quilts in our living room 

Welcome to a peek into our Autumn-loving Home:

GORGEOUS Farmer's Market find and turned it into brushetta layered on top of fresh goat cheese

Our fall living room-accented with browns, gold, and the occasional rusty orange

Painted an old frame with chalkboard paint and hung it over our antique buffet-fun to write on!

Not super functional but I think it's pretty :)  A Pumpkin Spice candle, and pretty runner jazz it up

Burlap curtains are beautiful and simple year round but especially August through December

Chalkboard fridge got some love!  Inspired by this picture and I loved it so much I just copied it!

Put some wheat in an old milk jug and it's pretty fall-ish

My early morning quiet time chair.  Grab my Bible, journal, a cup of coffee and here I cozy up

New kitchen hardware to finally make it easy to open those drawers

Wanting to make this soon-can you imagine the aroma??

Enjoy this season friends.  We are really able to soak it up because of our slow pace of life at the moment which I am surprisingly grateful for.  Strange to find gratitude for sickness, but enjoying each other and a "slower" life is a praise.  Although hikes and biking around our town will be out of the question, we can soak up life right here in our Engedi.


  1. Beautiful !!!! I am so glad to hear Ryan is doing BETTER. Praise the Lord.

    1. Us too, it is SUCH a nice change! He is a little sore today and having some issues with the cetons but overall not as bad as a few weeks ago.

  2. Love the wheat in a milk jug--so cute I might have to copy it! Where'd you get the wheat stalks? Farmer's market? Hobby Lobby?
    Also love the idea of "Engedi"--that's something I want for our home too!

    1. Hobby Lobby lady! Just use one of their coupons though since everything is so expensive there anyway. I bought a big bundle of it and trimmed as I put in those blue vases above the fireplace and the milk jug. So excited for your project and unique touches for your home!

  3. Girl Look at you all amped for Fall! I haven't even begun my decorating yet! My favorite fal senct is Marshmellow fireside from bath and body works! Actually I rock that scent almost all year round, but I love in the fall, makes my home feel so cozy! Yay to Ryan! This brings such a joy to my heart! Its been a long road, but I am so happy to see things getting better! :)

    1. Whoa Fireside Marshmallow DOES sound cozy. Makes me wish our fireplace worked :) Thanks for the encouragement and support Vee. You are great!



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