Friday, September 21, 2012

Appt Update

The appointment went well!  Very smooth and nothing crazy to report.

Dr. B said he was very proud of Ryan for putting on weight, getting more active, and overall returning to his office healthy and looking better.  The stoma swelling is a normal occurrence that can happen when a patient has better blood flow returning to the intestines and they are no longer in a state of nutrient deficiency.  it's nothing to worry about.  Ryan has been given the go ahead to begin jogging, physical therapy, and very light weight lifting.  He is SO pumped about all three!

The cetons (which prevent reoccurring fistulas and force them to heal properly) are going to stay in until late January 2013 sometime.  If Ryan is doing really well, maybe they can be removed in November but there is no reason to stop a good thing.  Sometimes the cetons act up and cause him some discomfort but we'll take that over more surgeries and infections any day!

His  official weight was 161 lbs which is a little lower than a home scale had been reporting.  Still excellent progress though.  Our goal is to have Ryan steadily back in the office for 3 half days a week for some time and gradually build up from there.  It is more of a task for me to keep him away from work and at home resting/napping/healing still!  He is anxious!

I am married to the bravest man I know!  So persevering, so brave, and so wonderful!


  1. Yea for all the good news! We are so happy that things are progressing well. Ryan - Don't make me team up with Carly and put you in your place for not over doing it - don't think I won't yell at you in a MEAN voice (with lots of love of course)!

    1. YES Anna!! We'll gang up on him!! Love and all :)

  2. I am so happy to hear that things are going well!!



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