Wednesday, September 19, 2012

9 Fast Decker Facts

Fact #1:  Ryan went into work today for 4 hours and 5 hours yesterday!!
That face made it into the office like a champ!  But he is tired from it and a ways from being back full time

#2:  We have a doctor's appointment with Dr. B, our colorectal surgeon this Friday (9/21).  It's our hope he will remove the cetons, explain the swelling in Ryan's stoma, and tell us Ry is healthy!

#3.  Ryan is at 166 lbs.  People, that is 22 whole pounds up from his rib-sticking out, starving, so sick lowest weight about 7 weeks ago.  Thank you Lord for pulling him out of those woods!

Does he look 20 lbs heavier?

#4.  We are having our friends, Ali (who's pregnant!!) & Daniel over for dinner tomorrow to celebrate the BIG news of whether their little one is a boy or girl.  They find out tomorrow and the celebration menu includes: this amazing dish and french silk pie for dessert.

#5.  Our new friends, Kyle & Tiffany (Kyle has super severe Ulcerative Colitis) aren't covered health wise for insurance but got an amazing letter today from the hospital that they will owe NOT ONE PENNY for their stay.  He was in the hospital for 29 days.  Our stay was nearly $115K for only 9 days.  I can't believe the gift the Lord gave them.

#6.  We had macaroni and cheese for dinner.  It's a whole new world over here at the Deckers.

That's how I feel about boxed mac & cheese for dinner apparently.  Yummy but crazy.

#7.  We're doing well this week.  Feeling loved on by people, doing well in marriage, and finding some rest.  We still keep an eye on Ry's stoma but he did make it into work and that is just a magnificent feat!  I think he'll be back full time by November-ish.  It's nice to see him moving around a bit more and his slowly gained back independence, gives me a break.  

#8.  I am addicted to the show Master Chef.  I watched a WAY too much of it because I was sick earlier this week with weird stomach cramps (no, for the 857th time this week...I'm not pregnant).  Quality show however it must not be rubbing off with my confusing dinner choices...see #6

#9.  We dig fall.  It is so amazing.

Talk to you after the appointment!


  1. Whoo! Glad to hear you guys are having such a rocking awesome week! And glad to see you are putting to use my Jerusalem shirt! It looks super good on you sissy! You rock!

    1. Ha ha Linny I did borrow it. But it returns to your closet with great care :)

  2. Hey, this is great. Good idea to post your whole submission! A hundred hearts would be too few. To carry all my love for you.11 Weeks Pregnant Facts

  3. Wow, 22 pounds! That's an amazing accomplishment!

    And I just had to say, the kids and I had mac & cheese for supper yesterday too. I was too tired too think of anything else :)

    1. Ok good, I'm glad we aren't the only ones. It is delish though admittedly not my most creative or healthy option. Sometimes you just need those nights.

  4. We hope Ryan's appointment goes awesome and you only get good news! Rilyn would like to know if she can come over for the next boxed mac and cheese night since her mean mommy only eats it when she is sleeping or at grandma's ha ha.

    She would also like to say something else, "bbbbbbb bbbbbbbwwewwqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq tttfrrttrrttreeeggezgfewaswswssdssssd c xza"

    I'm not sure what she just wrote but I think it was important so you should figure it out lol. have record of her first typing experience on your blog....special

    1. Rilyn I am greatly honored to have this monumental moment in your life recorded on my blog. Love you!

      P.S. We would love to steal that little lady for a macaroni and cheese/sleepover with aunt and uncle!!!

  5. Ryan looks guys look great...that silk pie sounds wonderful....and its so nice to see you guys back to normal! :D

    1. We're getting there Vee!! Slow and steady. I'm so grateful he is doing better day by day



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