Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Slight medical frustrations: This morning at 10:0 am we are at a nurse's appointment for Ryan down at Skyridge Hospital.  We haven't been happy with how his last surgery's recovery and maintenance are going.  We're having some issues with medical supplies working properly and feeling comfortable with what to expect.  I know that is vague but basically we need more training to gain confidence and we know this particular nurse from our hospital stay so she will help us out.

Ryan's Health:  His nights have been very difficult the last few weeks.  He wakes up way very often in pain or something about his last surgery is not working properly.  It takes away sleep from him and that is when his best healing happens.  That's why we're seeing the nurse today.  We are also trying to taper off Percocet but it's difficult because his post-op recovery was just so rough. When he's not on the pain medicines he feels generally ill, pretty sore, and not well.  Our ultimate goal is to get him off pain meds but we have to have lots of grace and patience.  We go back for the second Remicade transfusion next week, August 28th.  The more Remicade the better!  Steps are very, VERY slow but he's not as ill as he was a few months ago so all we can do is be thankful.

Studly husband in his new glasses that Linny and I picked out :)  Very stylish

Brave Husband: I was SO proud of Ryan this weekend.  On Sunday I was in a wedding for our good friends Hannah and Daniel.  One of the best parts of the day was that Ryan came!!  He took several rounds of a higher dose Percocet so that he could he sit through the ceremony and slow danced with me once :)  Truly, he did an amazing job and was so sweet to everyone even though he didn't feel great.  It's a small step but one in the right direction.  Oh and he got new glasses :)

Reaching For Fringe: Hop on over to our blog, Reaching For Fringe to read about God's scandalous purpose in illness.   Here's a sneak peek...

I would take a legitimately hard fight for my faith, marriage and very life over anything else.  That is when I will be made more like Christ.  THAT is what is relevant to God.

Hope you enjoy!  And we'll let you know what the nurse says today.  Glad you are here :)


  1. Love the new glasses! What a stud muffin indeed! Glad we went with the super thin lens like Mr. Turtleneck annoying voice suggested! Haha! You guys are so brave! Miss and love you!

    1. Miss and love you too seester! He does look studly in his glasses huh?? What a hunk.

  2. Awww, it seriously brought tears to my eyes reading that Ryan got up and slow-danced with you! So beautiful.

  3. OH my gosh, that was so romantic, makes hollywood films look like nothing!
    Thats a moment to cherish for life!

    1. He was the cutest Vee. Totally serving me when he just didn't feel good.



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