Wednesday, August 15, 2012


On Monday after our Remicade appointment we decided to grab some Chick-Fil-A to take the sting out of having to sit in a doctor's office for 3.5 long hours.  We love that place so it was a good post-doc spot.

As we were leaving the office, our nurse went over some standard side effects we should be aware of.  She made a very strong point to say that Remicade patients need to be very cautious and attentive the first day to signs of anaphylactic shock--where your throat closes up and cuts off breathing due to an allergic reaction.  She said it is uncommon but to be aware of the possibility anyway.  And then sent us on our merry way.

So as I said, we went to Chick-Fil-A to grab some goodies.  Ryan ordered a chocolate milk shake, chicken sandwich and fries. 

As we were driving down the highway, mid conversation, Ryan suddenly went quiet.

I eventually looked over to see his mouth semi open and he's grasping his jaw and throat with big eyes!

"RYAN!  RYAN!  Are you ok??  What is happening?"

He still didn't say anything for more several seconds while I'm getting frantic.


He swallows and grins as he says, "Wow, that milkshake is SOOO cold!  Yum!"

UGH!!!!  Dang husband, DO NOT dramatize an overly huge gulp of freezing milkshake when the nurse just told us how I should be on the look out for your throat closing up. *eye roll of the century*

I snatched that milkshake away from him for the rest of the ride.

P.S. An actual Ryan update today:  He had a good day yesterday with a bit more strength, color in his cheeks and liveliness.  But then we had a harder evening and night.  Just some surgery frustrations, intense tiredness and random swelling/pain. He slept last night and is doing well this morning.  He said he needs a very low key day of naps and rest :)  Good!  It's the best thing for him.  He's using percocet less and less frequently which is excellent news because we want him off that stuff for good.  We are still working hard to get him to gain weight and it looks like his daily milkshakes (as cold as they are) are helping him along with a steady, healthy fat diet.

Another daily goal is to get him out of the house and walking daily.  Some days he is up for it and rocks it out and other days are just tired and weaker.  But we'll take what we can get.  Also, he seems to be responding to the Remicade nicely.  No allergies or side effects.  We go again August 28th for his second transfusion.  Go husband, you are a stud!!


  1. Carly,
    You were in my dream last night and crying about Ryan's condition. I wanted to tell you about it because Armenians strongly believe that if a person in your dream is crying, that same person is in store for some great happiness in real life very soon! You are due :)


    1. Diana that is encouraging! Dreams are so interesting to me. I will be so excited if some happiness is coming our way soon :) Grateful for you!

  2. What a guy! Sounds like he still has a sense of humour :) Praying for more good updates!

    1. Indeed he does! He is a trouble maker ALL of the time :)



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