Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Slow Progress

Ryan told me the other day that he is excited for the day when my blog posts go back to anything besides him being sick.  Me too husband, because that means you'll be feeling well again!!  For now though, I want to keep everyone up to date who is so diligently and generously praying for us.  Keeping you in the loop is the least we can do.

So Ryan had Surgery #5 on Monday evening-the biggest and most invasive of any of them so far.  He did well in the OR and the doctor was pleased with the results.  Ryan woke up very groggy and pretty ticked about a catheter in this bladder which makes me giggle a little now-poor husband is always waking up to bad surprises after surgery!

We've come to expect that 24-36 hours after any surgery all the anesthesia will wear off and that leaves Ryan is a very miserable and painful place.  I will not be tired of that count down!

Yesterday evening from about 6-10 pm Ryan was miserable.  Absolutely miserable and in excruciating pain.  The procedure that they did included a laparoscopy which means they blow up his cavity with air to gain better access to what they need inside and unfortunately that results in major pain in the shoulders and shoulder blades after surgery. The air is just trapped in the cavity until he can walk and move it all out.  But because of the pain meds he gets super light headed and dizzy and can't walk.  It's a catch 22.  We tried to get him up for a few minutes last night but he blacked out for a few seconds so that was a fail.  He was OK though and he was sitting when his vision went out so he was safe.

For pain control, his doctor had him put on a PCA machine which stands for Patient Controlled Administration and that means he in in charge of his pain meds.  He can administer a .1 mg dose of a narcotic every 8 minutes.  That helped a little.  What we really need is tons of mercy from the Lord, patience, more walks (when he can manage it), and rest.

This morning/afternoon seems to be about the same.  His pain is still consistent and he is so exhausted all the time, sore from surgery, bloated from eating, and that radiating pain in his shoulders/shoulder blades remains.  This poor guy can't win but as you know he is so persevering and brave!!

He did have a few wins though:  He progressing from a liquid diet (broth, gatorade, popsicles) to a full liquid diet which included things like pudding, instant breakfast drinks, yogurt, ice cream, cream of wheat, etc.  Anything that will smoothly move through him.  He is still only up 1 lb but we'll take what we can get.  He is napping like a pro, causing trouble for all the nurses, and is best friends with his doctor.  Ryan is amazing no matter what he is going through.

I believe we will be in the hospital for 2-3 more days and that is a very optimistic guess.  We need to get him on a soft diet (white bread, steamed veggies, canned fruit, small pieces of very lean meat etc), get his pain under control with oral meds, and strengthen him so that he can walk without being so shaky and weak.  We want him to thrive at home!

Updates to come as this journey to continues.  The rough days are to be expected but we're hopeful that the rough waters now will lead to calm later.  He is in the heavy, hard place now but it has to happen to get him better.  No pain no gain, right?


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  2. Carly, I'm glad to hear Ryan is healing. You are a inspiration for all wives everywhere , I am definitely learning from you. We will continue to pray for you.



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