Saturday, August 11, 2012

In Sickness and In Health

I'm learning from this season that one of my favorite things to do is write.  It's an excellent way for me to process as I'm not a verbal processor and need some time and space to write it, delete it, edit it, and get my thoughts in order.  Ryan has been my biggest advocate to write and create which is just incredible of him!

In doing so I wrote my favorite post yet over on my the blog, Reaching For Fringe, titled In Sickness and In Health 

(click that turqoise link!)

That post received a whopping 900 hits in just one day.  It really does reveal the depths of what our vows mean in marriage and what this commitment means; in trial or ease.  Praise the Lord for anyone who takes the time to read my silly thoughts, but I hope it glorifies Him and minsiters to anyone else who might need it.

Check out these other posts at Reaching For Fringe:

A "How To Guide" to the new blog for new readers

Take It Day By Day {Devotional} that could be used for anyone's quiet time, not just those experiencing Chronic Illness

This post is titled So Much Grace and is about going easy on ourselves in stressful times

And finally, Changing Emotions {Devotional} that again can be used in a season of sickness or out!  Check it out if you need a few questions to process in your time with the Lord today

I hope you get to check out the new blog and those particular posts.  It's exciting to meet wives across the country in the same boat, to see the Lord move and be allowed to steward this particular corner of the internet. Hop on over and let me know what you think...


  1. The Lord is definitely using you and Ryan, what a wonderful testimony you both will have to help others that are in the similar situation. Your blog is a blessing to one who is seeking advice and direction.



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