Thursday, August 2, 2012


We are home tonight.  And it is such an incredible blessing!  I promptly laid down for a 2.5 hour nap when we got home.  I am just tired and so completely exhausted.  I know Ryan is the same but even more so after all his poor body has been through

This morning was rough and we questioned whether or not they would discharge us.  Ryan was feeling pretty nauseous and sick this morning because of some pain meds acting up in his system and maybe even a little anxiety about heading home.  Totally understandable.  It took some patience, filling his belly with jello and broth and a leg massage (ha!) and he perked up a little by lunchtime.

We left the hospital around 3:15 pm and were home around 4.  It seems so quiet in our house without the beeps of machines, pumps of IV's, nurses in and out our door or people popping in to consult, train, schedule, or change something.  I'm grateful for all the resources at the hospital but WOW you do not sleep in that place!  Doesn't that seem strange?  For some reason I thought we would sleep great there without the responsibility of cooking, cleaning, and with all the help of so many people.  Oh well, we'll just sleep now!

Ryan is sore and very tired also.  On doctor's orders we took a very little walk down the street, probably 30 feet and turned around.  Very light activity is one of the best things for him at the moment to promote healing and prevent pneumonia.  

I am praying that we sleep SO well tonight.  Our bodies need uninterrupted rest, especially for Ryan so he can really heal.  After 5 surgeries in 8 weeks and 9 days in a hospital we would love a few days of uneventful health incidents.

But it looks like we'll have a new niece or nephew very soon so we are looking forward to that :)  A very sweet thing to look forward to after so many hard days lately.  I'll keep you all posted about Ryan's first night and weekend home.  Thanks for praying and checking in :)

Sweet Rilyn (who will be a big sister soon) came to visit us in the hospital!


  1. There really is no place like home! I hope you guys rested well! :)

  2. So glad you are home and can spend some time healing. I hope it doesn't take too long for Ryan to start feeling better! Excited to see some progress in the next couple weeks and get our Carly and Ryan back for GOOD!



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