Thursday, August 23, 2012

Exceptional Day!

Ryan John Decker had an exceptionally good day today!  I'm not used to posting about good health or positive steps so I'm overjoyed to brag about him to you!

His doctor gave us instructions to leave the house for "a 1 hour daily adventure" to get Ryan retrained in standing, sitting, and exerting energy.  He just isn't used to it that type of very normal and everyday activity.  After 5 months of being bed/couch bound his body is completely atrophied and out of practice for anything that takes energy or coordination.

So today we went to my favorite coffee shop and he sat on a regular chair (no padding!) for almost 1 full hour.  Seriously, hallelujah and praise Jesus for that!!  We had a little breakfast there and spent some time with the Lord together.  It brought more life and joy to me to see him acting "normal".  My favorite chunk of time together when we processed this verse together:

Many are the afflictions of the righteous,
     but the Lord delivers him out of them all.

Psalm 34:19

Heavy, right?  And who are the "righteous" anyway?  Romans 3:22 points out that anyone who has accepted Jesus into their lives and heart and believe in Him are considered among the righteous.  So don't get any crazy ideas about Christianity being easy because Psalm 34 (and many other verses) disproves that warped idea right away!  Sounds to us, like those who follow radical, beautiful Jesus will experience hardship.  And thankfully God will rescue us out of it.  Though the timing is always unsure and that is what trips me up... ;)

But wait... that isn't all friends!  He also took a walk today, ate about 2500 calories, and has been a stud all day.  He was in very high spirits today and I just loved seeing him like that.

Although I really like writing this to you, I am also hesitant to give you the wrong impression that he is  fully well.   The poor guy is still at 148 lbs.  His lowest weight was 144 lbs when he has in the hospital but I would like to see him in the 150's by next week.  He is still very far from where he was 5 months ago: running 13 miles, lifting significant weight, sitting for a 8 hour work shift, completing house projects, etc.  So he is not out of the woods and requires more of our petitions, prayers and love!

And for anyone interested, in my next post Ryan has decided he is comfortable and ready to share with you prayer warriors and sweet support about his last surgery and the details.  It was his most intense, invasive, and serious surgery yet.  It's important to him that he is open about his journey to help others who have or will find themselves on a similar path someday.  He is extremely brave to share his life and health struggles with so many!

Praising the Lord tonight for this excellent day!  He is faithful in hard times AND good times.


  1. EXCEPTIONAL DAY! I love it. Baby steps or bigger steps -- any improvement is answers to so many prayers. You guys are amazing.

    1. Thanks mom :) However today he is not feeling well. We semi-predicted this. Whenever he has a good day and is active, it's a pretty sure bet that he will be sick and weak the next day. Poor husband.



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