Friday, August 31, 2012

A Couple Who Can Relate

I just hung up with an amazing, new friend, Tiffany.  She is currently walking the same dark road with her husband, Kyle, that Ryan and I have been on.

Tiffany's husband, Kyle, is severely ill.  He has been hospitalized for 24 days due to a severe Ulcerative Colitis flare up coupled with a highly infectious stomach bacteria he randomly contracted called cedis.  The two issues have to be treated separately which makes it very difficult and time-consuming. Though UC is unlike Crohn's in several ways, they are distant "cousins", if you will, so you will have a general understanding of it.

They are in nearly an identical situation to us.  Both young, both caught totally off guard by violent digestive illness, and married just a very short time before a health crisis rocked their lives.  

Kyle stands at the same height as Ryan, 6'1" and he has dropped down to 132 lbs.  That is extremely and dangerously underweight and he is just so sick!   Can you even believe what Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis can do to person?!  I am still in shock that the digestive tract can get so messed up.

Everything about our situations are just a mirror image; from our husbands being on TPN (intravenous nutrition), to stories about doctor's not admitting our husband soon enough, to even just the daily struggles of being a wife/caregiver.  It was quite weird actually and we had a good laugh about it.

We were connected through a mutual friend who wrote on Tiffany's Facebook wall yesterday sharing with her about our new blog Reaching For Fringe.  She has been reading our story and we decided to connect via the phone.  I'm so grateful for Facebook and blogs this evening.  So although I've known about their situation for just a few hours, the 4 of us are bonding already over our unique situation and grateful for someone to look to for support.  Right before we hung up tonight Tiffany said, "You two are the first people we know who are just as young as us and facing such a serious health problem.  It's comforting."  Amen lady!

I would like to boldly ask all of you to pray for and cover Kyle & Tiffany all the way from Colorado to the west coast with petitions on their behalf.  Please take a moment to lift up these requests:  rest for them both, that Kyle would be released tomorrow as planned, that Tiffany would remain courageous and brave, for adjustment as they might head home, for grace in their marriage, strength in their hearts, and a renewed trust in the Lord's plans and provision.  They love Jesus desperately and have continued to cling to him.

Young couple's in a health crisis are desperate for prayers and a covering of the Holy Spirit.  Thank you thank you!!


  1. Will definitely be praying for Kyle and Tiffany. So glad that two young married couples have someone to relate and look to for support.

    1. Yes we are excited to get to know them, though it is sad the circumstance that we have to connect through. They are really neat!

  2. I will indeed pray for them. There is nothing that God cannot do!

    1. Thanks Kay!! I'll share that with them with them when we talk next. You are amazing!



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